Abel Forsfelle


Full Name:

Abel Tau Forsfelle-Madigan

Date of Birth:

7 September 2079

Blood Status:



185 cm (6'0) ↑



House Affiliation:

Horned Serpent


11 ¼" Blackthorn wood, Dragon Heartstring core. Rigid.



Current GPA:

A (79%)

Abel Tau Forsfelle-Madigan is an American-born wizard. He is a current student at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry following his recent stints at Castelobruxo and Uagadou School of Magic.

Abel was born (7 September 2079) in El Portal, Florida, USA to later be adopted by Terron and Edgar Forsfelle. Edgar plays as the current seeker to the Braga Broomfleet Quidditch team while Terron works as a Sports Journalist to a local radio station.

School years

Growing up Abel's birth parents abandoned him very young leading him to end up in foster care in America. He would cycle through a number of homes throughout his early childhood. He would be sad at the constant rejection before he found it better to take his feelings out on others. It wouldn't be until his adoption that Abel would begin to mellow out.

The year he turned eleven he would be visited by Ilvermorny's school representative who broke the news that he would be attending a new school away from home. Being uprooted again naturally made Abel act out in school. During the sorting ceremony, all statues reacted to him, where he attempted to take the gem from the Horned Serpent making it be his choice of house. 

Having not been corrected for his behavior, Abel tested the limits of school rules by disrupting classes and pushing students aside to get what he wanted. A number of detentions piled up so rapidly he was recommended to head back home for a duration. Instead of heading home though Abel took the nearest portkey out and he proceeded to use his magic to get away from muggles spotting a lost child in the streets. It didn't take long for him to get caught, with his latest foster parents giving him up. A struggling young wizard in the community wasn't expected to stay without a family long so Abel was placed in a universal system where any other families outside America would be welcome to take him in. He was placed in Uganda where his family intended to instill proper behavior in him. Abel's first night at the home he was visited in a dream invitation to the Uagadou School of Magic where he would finish the remainder of his first and second year.

Second year

Attending the Uagadou School of Magic Abel actually found the school to be amazing. He liked how it floated in the clouds and learning to cast spells with his fingers instead of wand. Though the transition from wand to fingers would be a while for him to master as he was informed. He was glad to be away from his foster parents for the year, though he had difficulties with the other students who attempted to pick on him for being so different. He would stand up to them and often got himself in trouble again for going overboard.

He attracted attention from a few older students who accepted him into their group. A fourth year girl, Nasiche Zuluka, had taken a liking to him in particular and they grew closer. An accident regarding them being caught by a Professor however, resulted in both of their expulsion with Abel being sent back after everything.

Third year

At Castelobruxo School of Magic, Abel did not enjoy this school, given it's location he had little interest in Herbology and Magizoology. However, he did make a few friends and had a not-serious-but-intimate relationship with a few girls. This time neither of them caused his expulsion.

During a Herbology class Abel accidentally released a Venomous Tentacula in the halls where it proceeded to sprout venom and spikes, nearly blinding some students and Professors. When he tried to stop it, he was bitten and nearly died but was saved in the knick of the time. Despite his testimony, his earlier actions and history at the previous schools took prevalence over his own word and he was expelled. Practically no family would even agree to meet him at this point.

Fourth year


Once again Abel was cast back into foster care where he would soon enter his fourth year. He figured that this would be his life, making trouble and causing havoc until he would be old enough to leave school permanently. He would hang out with muggles outside in his neighborhood before getting the shock of his life when he is placed in a home with a gay couple to live with. He considered them gross and wasted no time in creating trouble for them. Their patience and quick wit with him however got on Abel's nerves since he intimidated everyone at some point. They had decided to move to America where he would return back to Ilvermorny.

Returning back to the school where a number of his classmates remembered him made him an outcast right away. This didn't bother Abel, who spent the year picking on first and second years outside the Professor's eyes. When he received a howler over his continued disobedience, he was shocked though he played it off as if he was proud to receive one in front of others who laughed at him. That made him mad at the fact that some adults would humiliate him like that in front of everyone.

When he returned home for the holidays he proceeded to break every furniture in sight, causing Terron to be visibly upset though Edgar saw this amusing and they didn't react at all. This again infuriated and confused Abel who decided to raise his wand on them. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. That being his breaking point allowed him to finally open up to his foster parents who took him to see a Healer, who was none other than his Aunt Priscilla Forsfelle. He still preceded to pick on students and disrupt class, but mainly for minor situations. It became a regular occurance for either of his parents to be in talks with the Headmaster who suggested that he be sent elsewhere. Unknowing to them they fought for him not to be expelled as uprooting him all over again would regress his growth. So in the new year Abel would be required to see the school Healer weekly, something he always dreaded.

Having survived the school year, Abel returned home where he was introduced to his soon-to-be cousins, Kirk and Darcy. He dubbed them as goody-goodies with their model behavior, but did admit they knew how to have fun. Darcy became his target to tease more than Kirk who didn't react much to his behavior. They became a trio of sorts, though Abel wasn't quite keen on being associated with them fully yet.

His parents announced to him that he would be adopted by them. Abel didn't believe this though since he had been promised that a number of times until the adoption was finalized with him being Abel Forsfelle-Madigan. He didn't feel like a Forsfelle though and took the name Madigan instead between the two.

Fifth year

In his Fifth year, Abel didn't feel anything in particular with returning to Ilvermorny again. He was more in tuned with the fact that he was adopted now. So he watched the ceremony with Blair Stewart. They were acquaintances at this point given her being a year below him. After deciding the ceremony needed to be liven up, they sent down water onto the first years before vacating the ceremony. They didn't get caught and they bonded more over this.

They would grow even closer between the pranks and skinny dipping in the Lake together. He eventually asked her out and they started dating. Abel still got detentions though, but he wasn't alone anymore in some of them now.

During the summer, they spent more time together. His parents trusted him enough to let him hang out with his cousins when they visited. When in reality he would ditch them to spend time with Blair before she was invited over. She was considered a good influence on him. Abel introduced Darcy to some of his muggle friends, Wolf, in particular grew a liking to Darcy. Abel and Darcy would agree to cover for each other when they were out together.

Sixth year

To be added..