Adeline Daisy ( Holiday ) Romalotti was born July 4, 2065 in Beverly Hills, California to model and businesswoman Mirra Moore and muggle technology nerd Joshua Holiday. She was the fourth child of six. In 2074 her parents got a divorce. Both their lives were to busy and they didn't have anytime to spend with each other. Adeline mostly lives with her father who won't let her have any fun at all. 

Before Adeline found out she was going to be going to a magical school on the other side of the world she was always being bullied by kids her own age. She never had any friends in the muggle world but she got her very first friend ever in the wizarding world. There is one secret that her mother will never tell her. Adeline isn't a muggleborn she's really a halfblood...

Early Life

Adeline went through eleven years of her life without any friends to talk to. She was just with herself when she was at school. Everyday when she got home from school she would run upstairs to her room, take out her journal and her pen and just start writing. Sometimes she would just write for five minutes but depending on the day and how much she got bullied she would write for hours or until dinner was ready. She never told her parents about being bullied and she never will. She does believe that she needs someone to talk to about it but she hasn't found the right person. She wanted to be careful about what she said in the muggle world because if she told any adult they would get her parents in the picture and she didn't want that at all.


Alec & Adeline

Adeline met Alec in the Ice Cream Shop at Diagon Alley before he walked in she was alone and wonder what she was going to order. Adeline has been able to get closer towards Alec but she doesn't fully trust him at the moment. She would never tell him that. Adeline really hopes that throughout the year Alec will be one of her closet friends.

Anya & Adeline

At the moment she met Anya, Adeline new that she would like her. Adeline can tell that Anya doesn't like her that much because she is one of Alec's new friends and Adeline thinks that Anya doesn't like her because Adeline is a new girl in Alec's life and she just might feel like she'll be replacing her. Even thought Adeline herself doesn't really like Anya either but she wants to try and be friends because she's one of Alec's friends.

Asher & Adeline

Every since the two met in their first year they always had this connection towards each other. They were very good friends before they started dating in their third year.

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