Alana Potter

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Full Name:

Alana Nicole Potter

Date of Birth:

24 July 2082

Blood Status:


Alana Nicole Potter is currently enrolled at Primary Wizarding School.

Alana was born (24 July 2082; 11:58 p.m) in London, England before her twin sister Elisa (25 July 2082; 12:02 a.m) to Victoria Culloden and Charely Potter. Her mother works in the British Ministry of Magic under Magical Games and Sports. Her father who had met her mother while working in the same department is currently the Headmaster and Magical Sports Coach at the Primary Wizarding School. Elisa also has older half-brothers Bart (through Victoria) and Wade (through Charely) and a younger half-sister Helena (through Cosgrach).

Alana is currently enjoying her childhood playing with many toys and games. She loves spending time with her older brothers and sister along with her extended family members and looks forward to playing with them at the first sight.

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