Aleksander Bunbury is the twin brother of Victoria Bunbury. Sander, as he prefers to be called, is currently unemployed and visiting family in the UK. 

Aleksander Bunbury


Aleksander Jameson Bunbury


14 February 2062

Blood Status:


Marital Status:





Los Angeles, USA


12.5", Holly and Phoenix Feather


Like his (fraternal) twin sister, Sander was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, USA. He claims to have been less spoiled than Victoria, but regardless, Sander still grew up in a giant mansion with anything he wanted or needed at his fingertips. The twins were tutored for the first twelve years of their life under the finest private educator wizard gold could buy. When their father remarried in approximately 2085, Aleksander chose to stay in California with his mother. They promptly moved out of the mansion and into a humble bungalow to live a more "natural" life. This foundational move served as the catharsis for a change in young Sander, who had previously been unsure of what he wanted to do with life.

He still doesn't know what he wants to do, but at least he knows how he wants to live: as simply and cleanly as possible.


Sander is long-limbed and prefers to wear his red locks long as well. He has very pale skin and eyelashes, and develops new freckles just thinking about the sun (or so it seems). He has no particular style of dress, preferring clothing which suits the task rather than caring about tailoring or designer. He is the complete opposite of his twin, in this regard.


Sander considers himself someone easy to get along with, and has never had trouble making new friends. He can be stubborn, however, and outspoken when he sees someone doing something against his values. He will always speak up for what he considers to be right. Although he was privately educated, had he attended Hogwarts he would have doubtlessly been sorted into Gryffindor.



Father: Arnold P. Bunbury Stepmother: Lois L. Wisterlane Mother: Angela A. Falstaff Twin Sister: Victoria (Tori) Bunbury Cousins: Anastasia Reina Truebridge (formerly Bunbury); Sage Bunbury; Indigo Bunbury; Robert Bunbury; Ivy Bunbury; Hazel Bunbury.

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