DOB: December 29th, 2033

School: Medici School for the Gifted Witch and Wizard

Appearance: Allegra stands fairly tall at 5'7" and has a slim build to her. She has dark hair and pale green eyes. She pays extreme attention to detail so she always dresses to impress.


Allegra was born and raised in a village right outside Venice, Italy. Her parents were always out on business ventures so she was pretty much raised by the nanny hired by her parents to watch her while they were away.

As a child, Allegra was always focused on her grades and her appearance. People around her always saw her as arrogant because of her tendency to ignore pretty much everyone. She did this for a reason, though. Allegra thought her classmates were pretty much idiots. She always hoped to have intelligent friends in school, but she never got them. She was labeled antisocial and a bookworm since she got decent grades. Now that she's older, she's a bit more talkative but people in general still tend to get on her last nerve.

Allegra is slightly obsessive compulsive but she would never admit this to herself. She will jump down someone's throat if they move any of her personal belongings even an inch from where she had them before. She also has very rapid mood swings every once in a while. She could be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next day. It would be wise not to get on her bad side when she's having one of her bad days.

She decided to become a teacher because of her want for intellectual conversation and her want to give something back to the world since she feels she has taken so much from it. Teaching is her way of sharing her knowledge with the future generations. After all, she thinks the world could use some more smart people.

In 2063, when Allegra was on staff at Hogwarts, she began to get in touch with her mafia roots. She commanded the powerful Moretti mafia for a year until her cousin Leo has taken over as boss. However, she remained Leo's most trusted official when it came to what kind of jobs they should go through with and who deserves a hit. She continues to act like the donna of the mafia even though she's now Leo's advisor. Her mafia secret is only known by a couple people and she wants to keep it that way. The students didn't need to know about it in her opinion.

Allegra has also found out about yet another relative. Her aunt Maria De Luca, who died before she was born, was the mother of Armand Erikson, or Drago Carracio. She and Erikson were cousins.

OOC Note: Character played by SS user Si.

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