Alyssa Potter
Alyssa at 14
Alyssa "Lyssie" Potter


Alyssa Lily Potter


November 7, 2062

Blood Status:

Mixed blood

Marital Status

Married to Evan Mackenzie (August 20th, 2081)





Physical Information



Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:

Hazel Green




122 lbs

Skin Color:




Country of Birth:

United States of America

Home Town:

Los Angeles, California

Magical Characteristics


11 1/2" Holly wood with Female Phoenix Feather. Nice and Supple


dead family members



Special Abilities:

Animagus (a beagle)


Snowy Owl, Polaris

Alyssa Lily Potter, (born November 7, 2062) is a mixed blood witch who attended and was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During her time in Hogwarts, she played Beater for the House's Quidditch team. All through her years at Hogwarts, she excelled in her studies, securing Top Badger in her house, all the terms she was there. Alyssa was content to just enjoy the rest of her time in Hogwarts learning as much as she could and hoped one day to be able to join the Ministry of Magic and train as an Auror. However, after she left Hogwarts, a few weeks into her 7th term, her plans for the future changed. Alyssa is also an Animagus like her great-great grandfather, James Potter.

Early Life (2062-2074)

Alyssa was born on November 7, 2062 in Los Angeles, California to a mixed blood father and a pure-blood mother, making her a mixed blood. Her father, James Albus Potter, is a direct descendent of Harry James Potter, and her mother Melissa Jane Matthews is American. Growing up partly in Bel Air, Los Angeles and Salem, Alyssa would spend her summer holidays visiting with her great great grandfather in London. She would sit on his lap and listen to stories of his adventures when he was a young boy in Hogwarts. She would relive those days with her siblings, pretending that she was fighting off dementors and deatheaters. She had her fair share of scrapes, falling off trees and brooms. She discovered that she had magical powers when she accidentally made their dog's food bowl float towards her when she was 5 years old. Being the ever inquisitive 5 year old, she would watch as her parents and older members of the family used magic, and even though she wasn't allowed to use it herself, she would secretly try to remember how to cast the spells that they performed.


Alyssa at 1

Living in Bel Air, Los Angeles

Living in Bel Air, Alyssa was always oblivious of the fact that her family was wealthy. Even when growing up, her parents taught her siblings and her to never flaunt their wealth, but rather to use it instead to help others who were in need. Along with her mother, Alyssa would help out once a week at the soup kitchens, located in downtown skidrow. Instead of spending money and buying lavish toys for herself, Alyssa's only expensive purchase was to buy a computer, so that she could learn through the Internet, all about the other cultures and people of the world.

Alyssa child

Alyssa the Hacker

FedCom Hackers

Then her interest in magic waned for awhile when she and her twin, Claudia discovered the wonders of the computer. Together with Claudia, they would try to figure out how to break passwords and finally at the age of 8, they successfully hacked into a Federal Bureau Computer. They were caught by their father, and before they were caught by the police. However, being grounded for two weeks with no access to any computers, did not discourage the twins from attempting to hack into the Federal Computers again. By the time Alyssa entered the Salem's Institute of Magic to start her first term there, she and Claudia had managed to hack into the the Federal Computers at least 15 times.

Growing Up and Love for Outdoor Sports

Lyssie 10

Alyssa Baseball Fan

While growing up, Alyssa excelled in outdoor sports. She loved swimming and running and won medals in both sports. She also picked up the love for horse back riding and whenever she would visit her maternal grandparents, she would spend hours riding the horses that they bred there on their ranch. As Alyssa grew up, her parents decided that she would learn how to defend herself muggle style and so they enrolled her in Taekwondo classes, and by the time Alyssa was 10, she earned her first black belt. Living in Bel Air, Los Angeles, Alyssa has easy access to the beach. Every morning and evening she pick up her board and along with her siblings, spend a lot of time riding the waves and surfing. Being the ever adventurous person, it was only natural that she would gravitate towards the the more dangerous version of the sea sport, wakesurfing where she would ride the waves following behind her family's speed boat. It was from her maternal grandfather, that she picked up the love of Baseball, America's #1 past time sport.

First Term in Salem Institute of Magic

Alyssa in Salem

Alyssa Potter, age 11

Alyssa's first term in Salem Institute of Magic was one filled with delight and mystery, when she rediscovered magic all over again. Together with Claudia, she would get into a lot of trouble, with Claudia being the ring leader. However, there was something that Alyssa discovered. Being the youngest child in the family, she found that she had to compete with her siblings, as they all excelled both in academically, as well as, athletically. Unlike her siblings and her twin, who didn't seem to have problems making friends, Alyssa always felt like the outsider in the group, someone that the others had to include just because she was their friend's siblings. She tended to keep to herself, preferring to let Claudia and her other siblings grab the limelight. Unlike her siblings who had no problems revealing their ancestry, Alyssa preferred to keep that a secret. At the end of the first term at Salem Institute of Magic, Alyssa was told by her parents that she would not be returning there but that she would be following her mother to London and that she would be attending the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry while Claudia would stay behind. The twins were going to be separated. She was told it was because her parents wanted to separate the duo as much as possible before they ended up getting into trouble or worse yet, arrested. At that time, she together with Claudia, had successfully hacked into the muggle world's Federal computers 17 times and were infamously known as the FedCom Hackers by other fellow underground hackers. So reluctantly, Alyssa packed her bags and headed off to Hogwarts

Life at Hogwarts (2074-2079)


House of Hufflepuff

Second year

Alyssa 2nd Year

Alyssa 2nd Year

Alyssa entered her first year at Hogwarts with much trepedition. She would be going in as a second year student and being new had to be sorted into a House, which was something very new to her. When she was sorted in Hufflepuff House, Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief. Her mother had been a Hufflepuff and had talked fondly of her time spent with her friends in the common room that was located right next to the kitchen. She joined the other students as they were led up to their common room and found to her dismay that being a second year student, everyone assumed that she would know her fellow 2nd year students. She could hear the other girls talking about sharing dorm rooms and she seriously believed that she would be stuck sleeping downstairs in the common room. But then a pretty 2nd year student by the name of Penny Laughgood, introduced herself and told her that they had already reserved a bed for her. From that day on Penny became her best friend. Alyssa slowly blended in with the rest of the students but never quite making any other friends. She found that she didn't have problems attending classes and answering the questions that the Professors posed but did realize that unlike the American Professors back home in the United States, the Professors had Hogwarts preferred short answers and not long winded ones.


Alyssa found that she loved Herbology and spent a lot of her spare time helping out Professor Bentley in the Greenhouses, cleaning up and taking care of the plants that were grown there. She also loved Potions and History of Magic, although both Professors terrified her. She struggled with Arithmancy which she found rather surprising considering that Arithmancy was almost similar to her trying to break a computer code. But because the subject was taught by her Head of House, Professor Hadley, Alyssa tried her best to not fail her class. Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Muggle Studies were the other classes that Alyssa enjoyed. But her favorite class was Flying Lessons. Alyssa loved being able to fly on a broom freely and it was then that she decided to tryout for her House Quidditch Team. At the end of her first term in Hogwarts, Alyssa was the top points earner in her house and the runner up house point earner in the entire school.

Hufflepuff Quidditch Team


Hufflepuff Beater

Alyssa quickly signed up when the Tryout Noticed was posted on the bulletin board and practised every spare minute of the day, preparing herself for the tryouts. But then on the actual day of tryouts, Alyssa's lack of confidence in herself returned, and she failed to show up for the tryouts thus missing her chance to be in the team. Alyssa berated herself and cried for days when she saw team players roster posted, but she knew that there was nothing she could do. She had missed her chance. Then on the day that Hufflepuff was to play their first game against Ravenclaw, she was approached by Professor Hadley and the Hufflepuff, Quidditch Captain, Kita Lewis, to play as a substitute for the team. It seemed that the flu bug had stricken down almost the entire team. Alyssa was surprised but knowing that she had been given a second chance, agreed to play. This was the day that Alyssa would remember for the rest of her life. Her team comprising of only 4 players were up against a 7 player Ravenclaw team. But against all odds, they managed to beat Ravenclaw. Alyssa remembered celebrating with the other players, Kita, Penny, Nessie Dixon and Janice Trewhella. This was the first time that Alyssa actually felt that she actually belonged somewhere.

Alyssa was made the permanent substitute of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. She played with the team when they played against Slytherin House and were defeated. But her team was determined to qualify for the Championship Finals. They just had to meet Ravenclaw again. The team they narrowly defeated the last time. Both teams played long and well, but Kita Lewis caught the snitch securing victory for the team again and a place in the Championship Finals.

Going Home and Discovering the truth


The Letter

It was right after this match that Alyssa started feeling like she was an outsider again. She felt alone and homesick, and decided that she wanted to go home. She knew that despite being in the Quidditch Team, somehow she still didn't feel like belonged in Hogwarts. So she OWLed her mother and asked to be able to come home. She had packed her bags and was headed for the Hogwarts gates when her friends, Kita and someone she least expected, Aaron Roberts convinced her to stay. It was at the same time that their family owl, Barnaby, arrived with a letter from her parents, informing her that they were not coming to take her home and the reasons why. Alyssa read the letter slowly finally understanding and discovering the real truth why her parents had sent her to Hogwarts instead of leaving her in Salem's Institute of Magic.

Disappointed but feeling encouraged at the same time, Alyssa returned back to the castle. That night Alyssa also made another discovery. That Aaron had feelings for her and she realized that she had feelings for him. But being only a 2nd Year she didn't believe that he really liked her especially since he was a 5th Year student.

Quidditch Championship Finals/End of the Term

Photo 1-1-

Quidditch Field

Alyssa trained hard for the Championship finals together with her team. On the day of the Championship Finals, the entire school turned out to support the teams. Aaron even showed up in his school Badger Mascot costume despite the fact that the day was so hot that some of the older boys ended up taking off their shirts in order to cool off. This of course some excitement among the female students. Unfortunately, despite the presence of their supporters, Hufflepuff were defeated by Slytherin and came in second. Despite feeling disappointed in losing her first Championship game, Alyssa attended the party to celebrate Slytherin's victory. It was on that very night, that Alyssa's doubt regarding Aaron's feeling were erased because in front of everybody present, Aaron climbed on a table and declared that he loved her. Despite Alyssa's initial worries about coming to Hogwarts, by the time the school term ended, Alyssa realized that Hogwarts had become her second home away from home.

Third year

Alyssa 3rd Year

Alyssa 3rd Year

Third Year started relatively bad for Alyssa when it came to relationships. She had just broken up with Aaron and still missed her family. But once she went back to school, things began falling back into place. Alyssa was estatic when she was selected to play for her house Quidditch team again. She made new friends there, especially Hufflepuff's new Quidditch Seeker, Alec Summers. The young first year was almost as good as Alyssa's best friend, Kita Lewis.

While all this was going on, there were strange happenings going on Hogwarts. the snow creatures that had been built in during the Snowball competition were coming alive and causing destruction and a great big mess wherever they went. There was even a strange sighting of an orb that seemed to hypnotise people. Even the magical creatures were behaving strangely. Something was making them flee the forest and start popping up in the Hogwarts Grounds. Professor Williamson was busy the entire term trying to get the creatures back into the Forbidden Forest, while at the same time, he was working with Headmaster Tate, trying to solve the mystery behind the strange happenings both in and out of the castle.

The Founders Fandago

To commemorate this auspicious celebration, the staff faculty and student officers were busy organizing events for the students to participate in this term. The Snowman Building Competition and Alyssa together with 4 of her housemates, Nessie, Janice, Jory and Minnie built the cutest Snowbear ever and called him Yogi. A creation that was good emough to win them the Team Competition. The event was as usual a hit, except for the appearance of Lord Borty Borr who almost single handedly ruined the day for everyone with his boorish and rude ways. An under the star lit skies sleep over that was organized by Professor Roslund and the Prefects was another entertaining event. Students got to sleep under the stars while looking through the telescope to spy for more balloons and maybe a comet or two. To top off the Hogwarts 100th Year Celebration, games were organized outdoors. Alyssa enjoyed herself immensely playing some of the games and winning some prizes for herself and for her house.


The young first year was almost as good as Alyssa's best friend, Kita Lewis. When it came to classwork, Alyssa had to get used to having new Professors in her favorite subjects, namely Professor Romanos (DADA), Professor Williamson (Care of Magical Creatures)and Professor Jenkins (Ancient Runes). Professor Williamson's and Professor Romanos' classes were a lot different than what Alyssa had been used to in her first year in Hogwarts, but she soon grew to love attending them. Professor Williamson even allowed the students to help take care of the creatures in the sanctuary and Alyssa spent a lot of time there, learning to understand and take care of them. Alyssa even got to learn how to do yoga stretches in Professor Romanos' Defense Against the Dark Arts Classes. Of course that wasn't the only thing that Alyssa liked about classes this term. Besides getting to take care of the animals, Alyssa had the opportunity to swim in the Black Lake and even got hit by the Giant Squid that lived in it. The joint History of Magic/CoMC class first lesson was a great hit. Then the Astronomy and Herbology Professor came up with another interesting lesson, combining both subjects into one. The fact that hot cocoa and marshmallows were also served was an added bonus.

Games seemed to be the theme for some the classwork this term. Professor Roslund, the Astronomy Professor, started the ball rolling with another lesson that was a big hit with all the students. Getting to look through the telescope to look for the many colored balloons he had placed along the school grounds was one of the highlights of Alyssa's classwork. Even the tough subject of Arithmancy was made entertaining by Professor Hadley this term, when she came up with a game that had all the students running around trying to tag their fellow classmates. Flying Lessons have always been a favorite for Alyssa. Even though she already knew how to fly, Alyssa always made it a point never to miss a Flying Lesson. The highlight for her in this class was having the opportunity to play the American version of Quidditch, Quodpot. Alyssa had lots of fun playing the game with both the students and the staff faculty. Even Professor Schirmer, the Charms Professor joined in with a game of Grab the Flag, which had the students from each house working together to protect their own House Flag, while at the same time, trying to capture the other Houses' Flags. The game was ultimately decided by Peeves who stole all of them. He managed to make a clean getaway before Professor Schirmer could catch him. As the term progressed, Alyssa kept an eye on the Giant Hourglass that recorded the House Points. Hufflepuff was slowly but surely moving up the leaderboard.

Quidditch Championship Finals

Alyssa was really happy to be playing Quidditch again and resumed her position as Beater for the House Team. Under the new captaincy of Keefer Marius, a 6th year student, the team played their hearts out and flew their way to the Finals never losing a game. In the finals, they met Ravenclaw House. With a superb performance from young Seeker, Alec Summers, who managed to beat out veteran Seeker, Ellie Stonee, to catch that elusive Snitch, Alyssa celebrated the House's victory in the finals. After that narrow defeat in last term's finals, Alyssa was so proud that she had been part of the team that brought home the Quidditch Cup. The team celebrated their victory back in their House Common Room and the partying lasted until the wee hours of the following morning.

Gobstones Championship Finals

This was the first time that Alyssa had played in a Gobstones Match but soon discovered that it was almost as interesting as playing Quidditch. With her fellow team mates, Keefer, Alec, Treyen Lockhart and Lewis Rastings, Alyssa helped the team win back the Gobstones Cup after 13 years. The team was now in great position to win the Triple Cup Championship. Both the Quidditch Cup and Gobstones cup were in Hufflepuff's possession. The house just needed to win the House Cup.

End of Term Feast/Triple Cup Champions

Triple Cup Champions

Triple Cup Champions

Soon it was the End of Term Feast. Alyssa celebrated the House's Triple Cup Championship with the rest of her Housemates at their table. Hufflepuff House had managaed to capture not only the Quidditch Cup but also the House and Gobstones Cup this term. A victory that brought out the smiles of all the students in Hufflepuff and especially Professor Hadley, their Head of House. The mystery of those strange happenings was never solved but the strange orb was handed over to Headmaster Tate. It had been a good term for Alyssa. Like the term before, she excelled in her studies and was the top points earner in her house and the runner up house point earner in the entire school. She couldn't wait for the new term to start.

Fourth Year


Alyssa 4th Year

Fourth Year started out relatively bad for Alyssa again. She discovered that her headaches were getting worse and so was her school work. After a discussion with her Head of House, Professor Hadley, Alyssa agreed that she would take time off from playing Quidditch and concentrate on getting her grades back up.

It was a hard decision to make especially when Alyssa loved the game as much as she did her studies, but she knew that in order for her to achieve what she wanted in her academic career, she had to sacrifice something. So she sat on the sidelines and cheered her team on as they continued to play without her.

Soon Alyssa could see an improvement in her studies. She was getting better grades and was back on the Badger leader board as the highest house point scorer and runner up again in house points for the entire school. Alyssa was allowed to play in Hufflepuff's last Quidditch game of the term against Ravenclaw and even though they lost that game, this was the first time that Alyssa had the opportunity to try out a new position, Chaser, which she did remarkably well in.

During her fourth year, Alyssa had the delightful pleasure of learning to take care of a dragon. Professor Williamson had brought in a dragon egg and the students had a chance to witness the birth of the dragon. They even were given the opportunity to name it and Roro the dragon became the students CoMC pet. As they watched him grow, they were given the opportunity to bathe him and take him for walks. For some reason, Professor Lafay, the Potions Mistress, took a liking to Roro, and Alyssa unknowingly thwarted her attempts to kidnap Roro by informing Professor Williamson that she had seen Lafay take Roro for a walk. Of course that placed Alyssa on Professor Lafay's 'watch list'.

Her fourth year ended sadly when she found out that not only was her favorite Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Professor Williamson leaving but that the only Headmaster she had ever known, Headmaster Tate was leaving too. Alyssa was devastated.

She would always remember Headmaster Tate as the kindly headmaster who took pity on a third year when she had to serve detention under him. It was him who unknowingly led her to discover her love for writing poetry.

Alyssa knew that Hogwarts would never be the same without this gentle Headmaster guiding them.

Fifth Year

Alyssa entered 5th year with some anxiety issues. This was the year that she would be taking her OWLs. In addition to that, there were new staff additions to Hogwarts. Professor Roslund, the Astronomy Professor had left and was replaced by Marion Burbage. Since Headmaster Tate had retired, a new Headmistress took his place. Headmistress Truebridge was a former alumni of Hogwarts. Midway through the first two weeks of school, Alyssa's headaches became worse and under the advisement of Headmistress Truebridge and Head of House Professor Hadley, Alyssa returned home to California where she stayed for the rest of the term.

Alyssa and Evan

Alyssa and Evan

Her lessons were OWLed to her and Alyssa completed her 5th year studies partly at home and partly at Salem Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During her time away from Hogwarts, Alyssa was able to spend more time with someone she had met at the beginning of the summer, Evan Mackenzie.

During her time of sadness and confusion, Evan was her pillar of strength and he helped get her through the hard times. As their friendship grew, they soon realized that they had fallen in love. With Evan's help, Alyssa was able to get through the rest of the year and prepare herself for her OWLs. At the end of the term, Alyssa was allowed to return to Hogwarts to complete her OWLs.

Sixth Year

Alyssa 6th Year

Alyssa 6th year

Alyssa returned to Hogwarts the following summer. Although she hated being separated from her boyfriend, Evan, she knew that she had also missed her friends while she was away.

In both Divination and Arithmancy class, she discovered through the readings she had drawn in both classes, that she had lots of decisions that she still had to make to determine what her future was going to be. This confused Alyssa because until then she thought that she had everything planned out.

Like the other years before, Alyssa discovered that there were strange things going on at Hogwarts this yea. This time items and objects were going missing, even the school's trophy. Along with other students at school, Alyssa joined in the search for them, and was glad to discover that the trophies were actually with the Groundskeeper who had been assigned to polish them.

Alyssa was again selected to play for her House's Quidditch Team and resumed her favorite position as Beater. After hard fought games against Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw, she was ecstatic when her team was triumphant again in winning the Quidditch Cup. As for her studies, it was like as if Alyssa never left, she again was the top points earner in her house and the runner up house point earner in the entire school.

Seventh Year

7th year

Alyssa 7th year

Seventh year at Hogwarts was a short one for Alyssa. Barely into a month at Hogwarts, she decided to return to Salem and finish her last year at her former school. While she was back home, she had some major decisions to make. All her life she had wanted to be an Auror, or rather her family expected her to be. But deep down, Alyssa knew that she didn't want to be one, mainly because she had reservations about hurting anyone even if they deserved it.

So after much discussion with her fiancé, Evan, she applied to major in Cryptozoology/Magizoology and Wizarding Communications at the Wizarding University in Salem, Massachusetts.

Alyssa successfully completed her N.E.W.T.s

O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s RESULTS

Alyssa took her OWLs during Term 32 and received the following marks:

  • Ancient Runes = O
  • Arithmancy = E
  • Astronomy = O
  • Care of Magical Creatures = O
  • Charms = E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts = O
  • Divination = O
  • Herbology = O
  • History of Magic = O
  • Muggle Studies = O
  • Potions = O
  • Transfiguration = O

Alyssa completed her N.E.W.T.s back at Salem and received the following marks:

  • Ancient Runes = O
  • Arithmancy = E
  • Astronomy = O
  • Care of Magical Creatures = O
  • Charms = O
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts = O
  • Divination = O
  • Herbology = O
  • History of Magic = O
  • Muggle Studies = O
  • Potions = O
  • Transfiguration = O

Life after Hogwarts

Here Comes The Bride

Alyssa's wedding

Alyssa's wedding

Alyssa finally married Evan Mackenzie on August 20th 2080. She was happy to see some of her old school friends again. Members of her wedding party were Sophie Campbell, Ella Bishop, Nessie Dixon, Minerva Wheatborn, Laura Hope Hyde and Ariana Logan.

Alyssa's wedding party

Alyssa's wedding party

Wizarding University

Salem WUS

Wizarding University at Salem, Mass.

Alyssa enrolled at the Wizarding University in Salem, Massachusetts majoring in Cryptozoology/Magizoology and Wizarding Communications. She hopes to specialize in Dragonology and work with Dragons. Alyssa will be a Sophomore this coming Fall.



James Albus Potter

James Remus Potter

James Albus Potter

James Albus Potter is the grandson of James Sirius Potter. He graduated from Hogwarts. It was in his 7th year that he met Melissa Matthews during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. They maintained a long distance relationship until they both graduated from school. James joined the Ministry of Magic as a YATI and when he completed his Auror training, he moved to the United States of America. He and Melissa got married and started a family. James works with the U.S Branch of the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the Auror Division. It is through James that Alyssa's interest in Wizarding Law was peaked and it is now her ambition to become an Auror like her father and her two older brothers.

James remains in the Unites States with the rest of Alyssa's family working in the U.S branch of the Ministry of Magic. He also assists the muggle world Law Enforcement agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency, whenever there is a need for multi-agency cooperation.

James Potter is also the chairman of the Matthews Foundation, a charitable organization that he set up in memory of Melissa's brother and his family who were killed in a car accident. Through the Matthews Foundation, they offer scholarships to students of the wizarding schools who need financial assistance in order to further their education in University.

Melissa Jane Potter

Melissa Potter

Melissa Jane Potter

Melissa Matthews-Potter met James Potter during the Tri-Wizard Tournament when, Salem's Institute of Magic was host to the schools of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. James and Melissa maintained a long distance relationship until James transferred to the U.S. division of the Ministry of Magic and they got married the following year. Melissa worked in the Department of International Cooperation in the U.S. before leaving to take care of her children.

When Alyssa transferred to Hogwarts, Melissa applied for a position at the Ministry of Magic in London. She was first assigned to the Department of Magical Transportation for a year. In that department she worked as a Portkey Manufacturer. A year later, she requested a transfer to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She currently works in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Division.

Alex Harry Potter

Alex Harry Potter

Alex Harry Potter

Alex Harry Potter is Alyssa's oldest brother. He attended Salem's Institute of Magic and was Head Boy in his 7th year. He also played Seeker in his Quidditch Team. 20 year old Alex is currently finishing his final year training as an Auror and he hopes to join the U.S. Branch of the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement following in his father's footsteps.

He and his younger brother Sirius are practical jokers and Alyssa always ends up being the 'victim' of their jokes much to the dismay of their parents. Despite his constant teasing of Alyssa, Alex is very protective of his youngest sister and almost interrogated Evan when he found out that he was dating Alyssa. He may have succeeded if Alyssa hadn't threatened to take away his Star Wars Memorabilia collection.

Sirius Remus Potter

Sirius Remus Potter

Sirius Remus Potter

Sirius Remus Potter is the Potter second son. He like Alex attended and graduated from Salem's Institute of Magic. At the end of his 7th Year, he was Head Boy and played Chaser in his House Quidditch Team. Sirius is in his 2nd year of training in the Auror Academy in Salem.

Like his brother, Sirius is a practical joker. He and Alex played a practical joke on Alyssa suggesting that she give her best friend a book as an engagement present. For almost 3 years, Alyssa thought that she had given her friend, Kita Lewis, a book about Karma, when it was in fact the Karmasutra. Sirius, like his older brother, hopes to follow in his father's footsteps and work of the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Hermione Rose Potter

Hermione Rose Potter

Hermione Rose Potter

Hermione Rose Potter is the third child in the Potter family and is Alyssa's oldest sister. Hermione recently graduated from Salem's Institute of Magic. She was appointed Head Girl in her 7th year and played Chaser in the House Quidditch team.

She has been accepted to the Wizarding University and hopes to specialize in Pre-Healer Studies in the hopes of following in her maternal grandparents footsteps, who are both Muggle Physicians. Her grandfather is a Neurosurgeon and her grandmother is a Cardiac Surgeon, and they both work in Boston General Mass. Even though both trained as Healers, they chose to work with Muggles instead of the wizarding community because they believed that muggles needed their skill and knowledge more. Hermione intends to further pursue her healing studies at John's Hopkins Medical School.

Claudia Donovan 'Cody' Potter

Claudia Donovan Potter

Claudia Donovan Potter

Claudia Donovan Potter or Cody, to her siblings is Alyssa's twin. Cody is the older of the two. She is currently a 6th year in Salem's Institute of Magic and is the Captain of the House Quidditch team.

Cody, together with Alyssa, are known as the FedCom Hackers. She, like Alyssa, is a computer whiz and when Alyssa and her are together, they try to solve computer puzzles. It is because of their constant near brushes with the law, that their parents decided that they had no choice but to separate the twins and that is why Alyssa was sent to study at Hogwarts. When Alyssa returned home in her 5th year, Cody and Alyssa resumed their computer challenges but they now work on the right side of the law. At the request of the FBI, they are now helping to ensure that the Federal Computer security firewall system is hacker proof by testing each program for weaknesses in their security.


Evan Mackenzie

Evan Mackenzie

Evan Mackenzie

Alyssa met Evan Mackenzie on Twitter. He was in the same year as her only he attended Durmstrang Institute. But despite their distance apart, Alyssa somehow knew that she had met her soulmate. Even before meeting her personally, Evan agreed to be her date at the wedding of Caroline Scott, Kita Lewis' best friend and someone Alyssa had met during her first year in Hogwarts. Their friendship grew when he agreed to be her date a second time at the wedding of another friend, Ellie McKinley. By the time term ended for the both of them, they were already planning what they would be doing together that summer. They spent almost all of their time together and when summer drew to a close and Alyssa had to leave for Hogwarts, she knew that it was going to be hard to say goodbye to him. They said their teary goodbyes at King's Cross Station where he surprise her by giving her a promise necklace that he would always be faithful to her and she gave him a two way mirror, so that they could still see each other even when they were apart.

When Alyssa returned home early from Hogwarts during her 5th year, heartbroken and ill, requiring surgery, Evan was with her the entire time, keeping her hopes and spirits high. It was during this period, that they realized that they had fallen in love.


Kita Lewis


Kita Lewis

Alyssa met her best friend, Kita Lewis, when she was asked by her Head of House, Professor Hadley, to be a substitute for the House Quidditch team. Kita was the team's captain and from then on their friendship grew. Kita was the reason that Alyssa didn't leave during her first year at Hogwarts, and even though Kita was 5 years older than her, their age difference didn't seem to matter. Alyssa confided in Kita whenever she felt sad, and when Kita graduated at the end of the year, Alyssa took her leaving very hard. They still maintain a close friendship and Alyssa has been asked to be Kita's bridesmaid at her wedding to Jai Pierce.

Nessie Dixon

Alyssa first met Nessie Dixon at Diagon Alley and it was Nessie who made feel Alyssa at home on her first night at Hogwarts. If it wasn't for Nessie, Alyssa would have spent her first night sleeping in the House Common Room. Nessie became Alyssa's close friend and fellow Quidditch player. Nessie made Alyssa very happy when she agreed to be one of her bridesmaid at her wedding.

Alec Summers

Alyssa met Alec Summers at King's Cross Station when she returned to Hogwarts as a 3rd Year. She immediately took a liking to the boy, and when she found out that he was also trying out for their House's Quidditch team, Alyssa was eager to see how well he played. Alec totally surprised her when the 1st year flew like the wind as he chased after that Snitch. From that day on, Alec became the team's Seeker. From mere team mates in the beginning, their friendship grew as the years flew by. Soon Alyssa loved Alec like she would a younger brother. A true and loyal friend, Alyssa loved his sensitivity and vibrant personality. The one thing that drove Alyssa crazy though, was his fondness of flipping his long bangs. There were many occasions when Alyssa would jokingly threaten to cut off his precious locks. Alec was Evan's groomsman at their wedding.

Treyen Lockhart

Alyssa met Treyen Lockhart in her first year in Hogwarts. He played Keeper for the team's Quidditch team and Alyssa began to admire him for his hardwork, as well as his good looks. When Treyen was made Head Boy, Alyssa was so proud of him. When he graduated from Hogwarts, Alyssa felt like she had lost her big brother.

Keefer Marius

Alyssa met Keefer Marius in her 2nd year at Hogwarts. He was appointed their House Quidditch captain and Alyssa immediately took a liking to him. The fact that he was also good looking, was an added bonus. However, Alyssa never revealed her infatuation to Keefer although she and her fellow player, Janice, would often tease him by giggling and staring at him every time he was nearby.

Vincenzo Vanderbilt

Vickers to all his friends, Alyssa got to know Vincenzo Vanderbilt in her 3rd year. She admired the 5th year Ravenclaw for his intelligence and leadership qualities. Alyssa got to work with him more in her 4th year during class assignments and she grew to respect him and consider him another of her 'older brothers'. Though both of left Hogwarts, they have still managed to keep in connect and Alyssa often meets up with Vickers at Diagon Alley. Vickers was a groomsman at Alyssa's wedding.

Minerva Wheatborn

Alyssa met Minerva for the very first time at King's Cross Station when they were both attending Hogwarts for the time first time. Although Minerva was a first year, Alyssa struck up a close friendship with Minerva and through their years together, Alyssa would confide with Minerva whenever she had a problem she needed help with. Minerva was maid-of-honor at Alyssa and Evan's wedding.

Ethan McCarthy

Wade Elizabeth-Potter

Ella Bishop, Sophie Campbell, Laura Hyde Hope

Physical Description

Alyssa has dark brown and shoulder length hair. Her eyes are hazel green. She is about 5 ft 11 inches tall, and is tall of her age. She tries to keep between 120 and 125 pounds in weight. She has a tanned complexion because of her time spent playing outdoors with her siblings and her parents. Alyssa has a slim, muscled and trim body. She stays fit while practicing Mixed Martial Arts and Tae Kwon Do which she is a 2 Dan black belt in both forms of Martial Arts. She also loves playing Quidditch, swimming, running and surfing.


Alyssa is very outgoing, friendly and loves being outdoors. She loves making friends and is loyal to the core. She loves animals and believes that everyone has a right to be treated equally and with respect. It doesn't matter whether they are human or a magical creature. Alyssa has a family secret and she hopes that no one finds out about because she wants to be treated for who she is and not who she is related to.

Being the youngest child, Alyssa has always grown up in the shadow of her older siblings. She is not aware that she has great potential and will outshine her siblings in all aspects if she just believes in herself and steps out on her own.


Alyssa loves listening to muggle music, watching muggle movies and travelling all over the world, which she does the muggle way because she finds it very quaint and interesting. She likes surfing, bungee jumping, in fact any sport that has the element of danger in it. She is good with computers and loves breaking codes and puzzles. Together with her twin sister, she has successfully hacked into the muggle world's Federal computers 17 times and has never been caught. They are infamously known as the FedCom Hackers by other fellow underground hackers. The reason why Alyssa is in Hogwarts while her twin stays behind in Salem is because her parents want to separate the duo as much as possible before they end up getting into trouble.

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