Ambushing Aspen

Among the many varieties of Flesh-eating trees, prowls an extremely agile athlete. This manoeuvring monster is known as the Ambushing Aspen. While outwardly appearing to be one of the smaller types of Flesh-eating trees around, it is still a sizable enemy.


The Ambushing Aspen grows to a typical height of 4-5 feet tall. A few have been known to top 6 feet tall, but these seem to be few and far between. The foliage of this tree is wildly sought after by witches, as it is a beautiful shimmering silver. Branches of this tree have decorated many Wizarding families homes and are a widely used as decorations during weddings and other social gatherings. They have also been known to make their way onto the dressiest of robes or even occasionally worn as decorative jewellery. If you are lucky enough to find a branch that has been shed by this tree, you'll be sure to find a willing buyer, should you choose to sell.


Roaming the forest looking for this tree, is not the best of ideas. This tree is a master of disguise. It usually attaches itself to another tree on the edge of worn pathways. It hides itself on the backside of the tree with only a branch or two showing. These branches act as sensors, watching for approaching targets. When a target is within range, the tree will launch itself off its perch, and wrap its branches around its victim. The victim is suffocated and then their blood is drained by the branches.

Ambushing Aspens are becoming more populated. Partially due to the fact that they are being planted to later be harvested for their wood. These athletic trees have some of the most flexible and strongest hardwoods around. Many Quidditch teams have switched to brooms made from these trees, since they are lightweight and incredibly durable.
If you happen to catch a glimpse of this tree, remember while it may be tempting to try and get a few branches for your own home, they may come at a steep price....your life.

What can you do if attacked?

This tree has one known weakness; it is ticklish. If you are lucky enough to have a free hand or are able to cast the spell (Rictusempra), you may be able to make a getaway. When the tree detaches from its host tree, it makes a loud noise almost like squeaky hinges, so if you find yourself walking in the forest and happen to hear a noise sounding like a groaning door, get your wand at the ready!

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