Anastasia Beatrice Riddle born on 20th of October in Gladsvile, Scotland. Anastasia works in the Ministry of Magic in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures as a Mermish Junior Translator. She used to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and got sorted into Slytherin like all the rest of her family, though she is quite different from them and has all good traits, though she can get a big temper though when pushed to her limit. She can get lost quite a bit, but she seems to meet more people by getting lost. She has not the best memory, as she can be quite forgetful at times, forgetting where she is suppoesed to be, which doesn't help her finding her way when lost.


Early Years

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Anastasia, age 7

Her parents hoped for a son to be born, a baby boy, but instead they got a girl, they were hoping to call the boy Anay, but were sadened but tried to be happy when seeing that it was a baby girl, calling her instead Anastasia, her mother never really expected Anastasia, but her father kept saying that it was never certin it would be a boy, but her mother didn't care about that, and just disliked her daughter.

Anastasia was a bright girl and learnt things quickly, quicker then other baby's her age, she started to teach herself words (with some help from her father) and tried to incrise her vocabulary as soon as she started talking. When Anastasia was 2, early she was told she was going to have a sibling, she didn't understand much but expected the fact and hoped to be a great big sister and that her sibling would be like her and want to learn, hoping she would be the one to help the child learn. Later the family was blessed and Anastasia's mother had had a baby boy who they named Connor Matthew Riddle, and Anastasia and Connor's relationship didn't start the best, when Anastasia was next to him saying hello, he instantly cried and (accidently) slapped Anastasia.

But as time went by Connor and Anastasia grew very close, but Connor didn't share the keenness of learning. Connor and Anastasia hardly fought there first few years together but after that, they had a fight, but hardly ever, it was never often. She loved her brother.

Time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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After Education

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