Anjelica Lainey was the History of Magic professor at Hogwarts for many years. She also served as Ravenclaw House ghost, Ravenclaw Head of House, and Deputy Headmistress. She is currently retired from teaching, and if she wanted you to know what she was doing, she'd tell you.

Early History

Anjelica Lainey was raised by her overly eccentric mother. Her mother was barely human, so she pretty much raised herself. If not for a life-changing ride on the Hogwarts Express at 11 with Cassandra Cooper, Anjelica Lainey might have never gained what little social skills she possesses.

At Hogwarts, Anj and Cass were both sorted into Ravenclaw, though Anj often questioned her position there. Surely the Sorting Hat only placed her there because she'd asked it to keep her with Cass. Either way, Cass and Anj were inseparable throughout their years at Hogwarts. They remained inseparable after school and right into the Auror Training Program.

During Auror training, Cass met, fell in love with, and married Alexander Rae, one of the Auror trainers who was a few years older than her. Rae was a fairly well-known and well-liked Auror, having gained some notoriety for his roguish charm and heroic deeds. The problem was that Anj also loved Rae - from the tips of her toes to the end of her nose, she loved him. She never told a soul.

Anj was a full-time Auror for almost two years, partnering with Rae and Rae in a variety of dangerous missions. One evening, on what should have been an easy raid, the team was lured into a trap. Alexander and Anj were killed in the fight, and Cass was injured and pulled out by another team member.

After Death

Funny thing though... Lainey's time apparently wasn't up. She stayed with her and Alexander Rae's bodies in

Vital Stats

Date of Birth

8 March 2029

Date of Death


Date of Resurrection

5 June 2054


2039-2046, Ravenclaw

History of Magic Professor

2052-2055, 2056-2067, 2071-2072

Ravenclaw ghost


Ravenclaw Head of House


Deputy Headmistress


an ethereal form - then disappeared completely for a few years. What can only be called fate brought ghost!Lainey back to Cassandra Rae and Hogwarts. Headmaster Hendrik offered her the History of Magic position and Lainey accepted.

Second Life

In a serious of unfortunate, odd, terrible, and wonderful events, Anjelica Lainey was given her body back (See Book of Mysteria). With her body also came her life. Though there were definite rough patches, many Ministry inquiries and stone throwers, Lainey was happy and healthy and continued teaching at Hogwarts.

These days, Lainey is retired from teaching and the Aurors. She is happily married to the man she should have loved for decades more than she did. Alec Cooper, Cassandra Rae's younger brother, has pretty much loved Lainey since the first time she visited the Cooper home on holiday at 11 years old. It took Anj years and years to reciprocate that love.

They married in a private ceremony and are now the proud parents of Colby Jack Cooper, born in 2068.

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