Anti-Odor Charm


Odoris Subsisto

Wand Movement:

Short diagonal from right to left, a long upward stroke, and a short diagonal from right to left.


Removes the unpleasant odor from an object

The Anti-Odor Charm was introduced by Professor Macadrian Shackleton to her Charms students during term 20. The charm can be used to remove bad odors from objects with a notable stench.

Casting the Spell

The incantation for the Anti-Odor Charm is Odoris Subsisto, followed by the name of the smelly object being charmed. For example, if the object is a stinky Parmesan cheese, the incantation would be Odoris Subsisto Parmesan.

The wand movement is a point of the wand at the cheese, with a short diagonal of the wand from left to right, followed by a long upward stroke, and another short diagonal of the wand from left to right. The incantation should be spoken as the movement is made.

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