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Dark Magic detector

Apenbarria, also known as the Dark-Revealer, is the primary spell used in some varieties of Dark Magic Detectors. It was taught as a means to identify Pogrebins and other Dark Creatures by Professor Cassandra Rae-Branxton during 2051-2052.

Appearance and Effects

The Dark-Revealer spell, Apenbarria (AH-pen-BAR-rria with a slight role to the r), is cast with a sharp rightward (or wandside) thrust of the wand and produces a faint silvery light. In general use, the spell is cast on an object suspected of being embued with dark magic. If the item is nonmagical or does not contain dark magic, the light will soak into the object and disappear. If the item or creature is dark, the object will take on a brief shimmering light that gives the impression of being self-lit.

The spell is especially useful in identifying a Pogrebin, as the creature looks like a simple gray rock and easily blends in with the landscape. Once identified, the creature is easily contained and disposed of; its primary defense is camouflage. Apenbarria is also a spell that is easily modified for use in Dark Magic Detectors; the spell triggers a siren that will go off when the presence of Dark Magic is detected.

The purpose of this spell is not to add or remove dark magic from an object, but rather to show if there is dark magic embued in it.


The Dark-Revealer spell should not be used on another witch or wizard. As Rae-Branxton explained in her class, the spell picks up on the potential for dark magic in witches and wizards because "the natural influx of magic in witches and wizards contains both light AND dark magic. Fortunately, the Dark-Revealer does not pick up on the natural magical flux in wizards and witches, but picks up the Dark magic signature a used spell, a Dark creature, or a Dark object all give off after the magic has been applied."


DADA Lesson 4, Term 6

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