Classification: XXX / Beast - Native worldwide

The Ashwinder is described as a serpent that is created from the ashes of a magical fire. A magical fire is different from a regular fire, because a magical substance has been added to a magical fire such as floo power. Ashwinder eggs are bright red in color and give off intense heat. They are thin and pale-grey with glowing red eyes. Rising from the embers of the dying fire, Ashwinders slither off into a dark corner to lay their eggs, leaving an ashy trail behind.

Their lifespan is considerably short; living for an hour before collapsing to dust when they have laid their eggs. In order to harvest them, they must be frozen straight away with a Freezing Charm or there's a risk of fires. Why would any havest them? Ashwinder eggs can be used in a Love Potion or eaten whole to cure ague after being frozen. An Engorgement Charm should never be placed upon them as this creates another fire hazard when they explode into a shower of hot sparks and dust.


CoMC Lesson #1 - Term 34
The Creature Book of Creatures

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