Augurey II by verreaux
The Augurey was first introduced by Dubhghall Riddoc in Care of Magical Creatures class during Term 8. The creature made its reappearance in later terms. 

The Augurey has a notorious reputation for foretelling death with its cry, until it was discovered that it actually simply signaled rain and snow fall. Their constant cry during the winter has discouraged many from owning them.


Also known as the Irish Phoenix, the Augurey is noted for its thin and mournful appearance. Unlike the actual Phoenix, their feathers are greenish-black.  In addition, their feathers are considered useless as quills, since they repel ink. 


Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 2; Term 8
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 2; Term 32
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 1; Term 36

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