Banshee Buttons are one of the darkest and most poisonous toadstools in our wizarding world. These malicious little mushrooms are also among the smallest, but don't let their diminutive size fool you. Banshee Buttons are commonly found throughout the wizarding world. The Banshee Button is even honoured each year with its very own festival. "Bring on the Buttons" is held each April 13th in the quaint town of Fungus, Scotland. These little beauties are the star of the show and tempting treats, magical musicals and sorcery shows are all dedicated to this treacherous little toadstool. [1]


They are petite in size but you may be able to recognise them by their blackish purple caps and dark green stems.


Banshee Buttons are rated 6, being useful but considered dangerous. Harvesting your own Banshee Buttons should be relatively easy but do make sure to use gardening gloves when harvesting, as the spores of the toadstools have been known to cause side effects such as rashes and boils. Although they may be used in the same potions many times, they have the tendency to react differently each time.


They thrive in cool wet conditions, but have also been known to show up in a few tropical locations as well. They are also the only variety know to grow on the sides of flesh eating trees. They are one of the most flourishing varieties of toadstools around. This is partially due to the fact that they have an extremely rapid growth rate. Virtually popping up out of the ground over night!


Many dark arts potions, elixirs and formulas have this toadstool as a main ingredient. It is also frequently used to help add an additional flavour kick to Spider Cider.