His Infamous Hat

Barnabas the Bloody was captain of the infamous pirate schooner, the Dead Wizard's Trove. His notable features, aside from his scruffy appearance, is his familiar tricorn hat.

Barnabas lived during the late 1700's making several appearances around Hogwarts. He was noted to be in love with Charlotte Rainecourt, the daughter of the Headmaster at the time, Edwin Rainecourt III.

The captain was last physically seen at Hogwarts in 1780. However his ghost is suspected of making an appearance along with members of his long-dead crew during Term 28 when Deputy Headmaster and Quidditch Professor Max Vindictus, School Librarian Kimber Donovan and several students were recorded to have acted as pirates under the spell of magic or otherworldly powers for most of the school year.

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