The Basic Sleeping Draft


Aids in sleeping


Must be used before bedtime

Brewing Time

Under an hour



Basic Sleeping Draft was taught by Potion Mistress Kris Airlia sometime during the 2051 - 2052 school year in Potions Class.


The basic sleeping draft is to be used before bedtime in order to aid in sleeping. However, it should not be used longer than a week or two or one may start falling asleep at odd times of the day. This potion can be stored for up to a month, though it is advisable to brew a fresh batch weekly.


  • Water (500mL)
  • Lavender (a pinch; crushed)
  • Chamomile (a handful; crushed)for nightmares:
  • Purslane (a pinch)for more powerful brew:
  • Ginger (a pinch)


  • Bring water to a slow boil.
  • Add lavender and stir 21 times, counter-clockwise.
  • Add chamomile and let simmer for 20 minutes (potion should be pale, clear, purple with a tint of green, though the green may not always be observable)
  • For nightmares: add a pinch of purslane and stir 5 times, counter-clockwise
  • For a more powerful brew: add a pinch of ginger and stir 5 times, counter-clockwise

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