Bellissa Abigail Lennox
MirandaCosgrove Bellissa


28th February 2072, London

Blood Status

Mixed blood


Bella, Belle, Fawn

Relationship Status


The Real Me

Miranda Cosgrove

Physical Info





Animagus Form

Deer - A fawn to be exact


Chocolate brown, long and silky, slightly curled sometimes


Chocolate brown




Slim, slightly on the short side, like her parents



Lights Lennox (née Salamander)


Ethan Lennox

Twin Brother

Ezekiel Joshua Lennox



Not yet


Ahem, no wand, remember?


Bright, flashing lights


Not yet encountered, fortunately


I haven't been anywhere near that ... *shifty eyes*


Bella Lennox is ... Bella Lennox. She is innocent and sweet, being the one you'd go for when a hug is needed. She is smart and a little nutty but prefers to take the back pedal behind her brother's craziness. But behind the candy and butterflies Belle can show a very different personality. Being quite a powerful witch for her young age, she often feels she needs to win her parents' approval to be noticed by them. It is early days yet, but Bellissa has shown herself to be proud of her magic, even if it caused harm (as shown when she accidentally made her mother fly into a wall, hurting her. Despite being upset about hurting Lights, Bella still felt proud that she was able to perform that magic).

Her animagus form, the deer, shows her innocent side. Bella hasn't quite come to terms with the fact that not every witch and wizard is like her, Ezekiel and Lights. She knows her father isn't, but as a young child assumed it was a glitch. She prefers to hide her ability from the general public because of the fuss it would cause if the news got out.

Before the Show Started

Lights Salamander met Ethan Lennox by accidentally spilling coffee on him on Level Two. Lights was at the time a newbie Security Officer, and Ethan was a Magical Maintenance worker.

Family Means Everything

Lights Lennox (née Salamander)

Bella's mother. Lights is a Hit Witch in Magical Law Enforcement of the British Ministry of Magic. She cares deeply for her children, and sees a lot of her own mother in her daughter. When she was little, Bella copied Lights in many ways, trying to win her approval. Their aleady special mother-daughter bond is very strong, and both go to each other for comfort.

Ethan Lennox

Bella's father. Ethan is a Maintenance Supervisor/Magical Carpenter in Magical Maintenance of the British Ministry of Magic. He is one year younger than Lights but no less fun-loving and crazy. Bella has inherited her father's brown hair and eyes. Ethan is a great father to her and Ezekiel, and Bella knows she can rely on him for comfort and protection.

Ezekiel Joshua Lennox (Zek)

Bella's twin brother. Despite being twins, the pair look almost nothing alike at first glance, as Ezekiel has their mother's blonde hair and green eyes. He is also an animagus, and can turn into a eagle. Zek is mischievous and playful, constantly running off to find his own adventures and worrying his parents no end. Bella has a up-down relationship with her brother, as all siblings do, but she loves him a lot really.


Bellissa Young

Bellissa, 4 years old

MirandaCosgrove Bellissa 3
MirandaCosgrove Bellissa
MirandaCosgrove Bellissa 2

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