Among the most vicious varieties of flesh-eating trees, is the Biting Banyan. This is the tree of nightmares, both in appearance and in action. This tree has no mercy when it comes to devouring its dinner.


This type of flesh-eating tree is fairly easy to find in forests. It has the appearance of a completely dead tree. It never holds any foliage, not a single leaf, vine or even the tiniest bit of moss. It does however collect the bones of its prey and hangs them from its own branches. Scientists have yet to determine the exact meaning of hanging the bones amongst their own branches, but there are many theories floating around including either signalling a warning to those who might come too close, acting as trophies to show off in front of other Biting Banyans or as sets of slightly disturbing wind chimes. This mystery continues to baffle the Banyan Biologists.
The Biting Banyan's trunk is a deep maroon colour and the texture is similar to that of the roughest sandpaper. The tree uses its own trunk to sharpen its hunting tools, its branches. Each branch is meticulously sharpened every week, making this one of the most dangerous trees to try to harvest from, its wood is wanted for its strange colouring and rarity. Although the trees themselves are not rare, it is rare to actually see one get harvested. After all they do have an excellent defence with their razor sharp branches.

How do they prey on creatures?

The Banyan Trees wait patiently for prey to wander their way. Only needing to eat about once in a 300 day period, they can afford the luxury of time, and can even lure small forest creatures to build nests and dens inside of themselves, before striking for a meal. The tree uses its branches as drinking straws. Plunging them into the neck of its victim and then draining them of blood and sinewy tissue. This is also why this flesh-eating tree is known as the "vampire of the forest".

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