Similar in appearance to the Leaping Toadstool, the Biting Toadstool can be differentiated by the size of its cap- which is considerably bigger than that of the Leaping Toadstools, and also the presence of large sharp teeth. These teeth protrude beneath the cap, often lashing out at and catching on anything within its reach. Biting Toadstools have slightly slimmer stems, which are white in colour and share the same reddish brown cap as the Leaping Toadstool.


Biting Toadstools are rated 5, useful but use with caution. These little toadstools are mildly omnivorous, they are able to feed on flesh. But do not be alarmed, whilst they might have a nibble they do not have particularly large appetites and so they are not fatal to humans.

Care Of

Biting Toadstools prefer cool, damp and dark conditions, but will grow in almost any condition, with the exception of frosty climates. Their natural habitat is dark, dense forests, but they are easily adapted into greenhouse environments. With a little sprinkle of dragon dung fertiliser and regular watering and you will no doubt have a healthy growth of these feisty fungi.


Biting Toadstool fangs may be used in various potions.


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