At a first glance it seems ordinary.


While many of the varieties of flesh-eating trees contained within these pages will devour an entire wizard with a single bite, the Bitter Bamboo Tree is more of a snacker, preferring to take nibbles out of their victims. They seem to enjoy simply snacking on wandering prey when given the chance.


This flesh-eating tree is mainly found in the Eastern regions of our world. It has been known to grow in greenhouses with some success, but nothing compared to the massive forests that can be found throughout

But upon closer inspection, it is dangerous.

Asia and a few far eastern parts of Europe. This is a tree that thrives in humid conditions. It looks almost identical to the regular bamboo plant, but upon closer inspection, you will see this variety has a series of sharp teeth disguised as thorns. It is a bright shade of green and can grow to a height of 90 feet in only a few short months!


The Bitter Bamboo Tree is relatively harmless. Most often they may bite a witch or wizard without them even noticing until much later. The crescent moon shaped bites will become red and often swollen. They can be treated with aloe plants, which will take away the sting and help with the irritation. These trees shouldn't be feared unless you become tangled up in one of the many groves of trees. If this becomes your fate, the trees will nibble you into oblivion. A typical tree needs to feed only a few times each year, obtaining the majority of its nutrients from the water, air and decomposing forest floor. When grown in captivity it is best to provide the Bitter Bamboo Tree with a liberal serving of Mooncalf Dung.
The Bitter Bamboo Tree is one of the few flesh-eating trees around that will actually pass up an easy meal, if it isn't hungry. It seems that to this tree the flesh of a fresh victim is more of an appetizer than a full meal.

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