Bliss Ryans

Full name:

Bliss Hope-Mae Ryans


Blissy or B


17th September 2065


Croydon, London.

Basic Looks:

Curly blonde hair, and blue eyes

Relationship Status:


Bliss Hope-Mae Ryans (b. 17th September, 2065), born in Croydon, in London, was middle child to Frank and Grace Ryans (nee - Atkinson). When she started at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she already knew a lot about being a witch and magic itself. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, which is now her loving home. 


Bliss was born into a very rich family and had an amazing childhood, even though she had four other siblings to compete with. They live in a Bakery, owned by her mother. Her family are very family orientated and do everything they can together. They were and still are, in the youngest two siblings case, home educated. This helped their magic a lot. Bliss’s family is a strange one, unlike other families; the Ryans’ don’t have a particular house that their family is in. Mark is a Slytherin, Sarah was a Ravenclaw, Bliss is a Hufflepuff and Dylan is showing all the signs of becoming a Gryffindor. Her parents were also varied; her dad was in Hufflepuff, while her mother was in Ravenclaw. For Bliss being in Hufflepuff is a gift, however she might have liked being in Gryffindor, as she has nearly all the qualities needed; bravery, courage and brutal honesty (though these things only show on occasion). Only her severe kindness kept her safe in Hufflepuff.  

School Years

First Year: Well, Bliss quite enjoyed her first year; she made two very good friends, Theodore and Blue! Blue is now her twin, yup!  She was sorted into Hufflepuff which she is VERY happy about! Theodore is in Slytherin and Blue is a Ravenclaw, so it’s all cool! Bliss can’t wait for her second year, she has a feeling that it will be even better than her first!

Second YearEven before the school year started, Bliss could tell that it was going to be a fantastic year for her. In Diagon Alley, she’d made lots of friends, even if two of them she’d knocked over. Bliss even found out that she had a long lost cousin, Laura and together they are finding out their family history. The train ride there was an adventure in itself. She tried to help her teary cousin with her love-life, met Lex again who almost fell out of a window and also met some new people!

Third YearThird Year is off to a good start as at the opening feast, Bliss has been greeted by many of her friends and has made a couple more. Then only thing that is putting a damper on things is the fact that Bliss’ best friend Terry hasn’t turned up yet, for reasons unknown and Bliss is worried about him, but nevertheless she is enjoying herself and can’t wait for lessons to start and there is also her birthday to look forward to. She’ll be fourteen.  

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