Blossom Liu attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 2059-2060 school year. She was an exchange student from China and was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Blossom was and still is a very lighthearted and carefree girl. She has long brown hair, matching brown eyes, and quiet personality. Blossom was particularly interested in Botany and Entomology. She wanted to spend a year in England in order to study the wildlife of the island, particularly the one surrounding England. After graduating, she continued to pursue a career in the mentioned fields. Blossom spent her fifth year in Hogwarts attempting to master the art of animagi as a way to study plants and insects more closely.

She sought the help of Transfiguration Professor, Professor Ganymede, to begin her training, but it wasn't until after she returned to China, and concluded her studies, that she successfully mastered it. She also receive special attention from Professor Mao-Macdougal, whom she grew very close to, since they shared a similar culture.

Blossom now works as an Botanist and Entomologist, which often require her to travel. She has taken her new animagus ability, a butterfly, to help her grow and excel in her field. Maybe one day Blossom's studies will lead her back to England.

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