220px-Brain coral

Brain Coral

Brain Coral is a deceptively complex plant with a host of magical properties. Brain Coral may be found worldwide, sizes and colours may vary. The average lifespan of the larger Brain Coral is about nine-hundred years of age.


As the name suggests, this coral resembles a brain. Though generally Brain Coral may reach heights of up to two metres, smaller varieties may be found around the Caribbean. They are spherical in shape- and may be found in a variety of sizes and colour.


Brain Coral should be approached with caution. While they are immensely interesting to look at, and are equally as useful, you do not want to get on its bad side. Within the grooves of the brain like convolutions are the Brain Corals tentacles which are usually released at night in order to hunt. The Brain Coral will use its tentacles to strangle its prey and anything that possess a threat to it. If faced with a Brain Coral attack, you should stun the plant, rather than sever it’s tentacles, otherwise it wont be too impressed. While Brain Coral haven’t been known to devour a human it has been known to snack on them. Its mouth can be found at its base where it meets the ground.

Care Of

This highly resourceful plant needs little to no maintenance. Being a hunter and gatherer it is more than capable of caring for itself. It thrives in salt-water but will adjust to fresh water if need be.


The main uses of Brain Coral include its uses in potions, it is sometimes used in wit-sharpening potions, and potions which aim to increase mental alertness. It may also be used to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and the generally aging mind.

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