Bubble-Head Charm



Wand Movement

Point wand at head


Creates a bubble around the head of the caster

First taught during term 10 by Professor Kate Zoa, the spell creates an impermeable air bubble that is often used for underwater excursions. The incantation is Sanuspirantes and is cast by pointing the wand at the head of the caster. The bubble created by the spell does not merely trap clean air within it but will also continue to provide fresh air for as long as the bubble remains unbroken.

The spell creates a bubble that is durable enough to last for several hours underwater, although some practice is required before such an excursion should be ventured. If the bubble can be popped by hand, it is not yet strong enough to withstand underwater pressure. The surface of the bubble may feel frail and flexible, so the finger-poke test is required to really test the durability.

The best way to end the spell is by casting Finite Incantatem.

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