In the deep jungles of the Amazon, there are many wonders to behold. One such example is the Bulgarian Lily, erroneously named as it is neither native to Bulgaria nor even remotely a lily. Instead, an aspiring researcher discovered it in the 1700's. He was a Bulgarian by birth and had the misfortune to be born with a massive astigmatism in his eyes. Thus, this toadstool seemed to him like the lilies he had at home.


The Bulgarian Lily is mainly black but has white streaks that run down its cap. The cap itself is split into six petal-like shapes, the tips of which secrete sticky juices that attract insects and animals alike. Inside these secretions are microscopic seedlings that eventually escape their prison and fall to the ground to sprout a new batch of Bulgarian Lilies. The stalk is quite long, an adaption suited to the rampant undergrowth of the Amazon rainforest.


The Bulgarian Lily is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.

Care Of

This toadstool is most acclimated for wet climates and alkaline soil, it thrives in warm climates but does not do too well in sunlight, preferring to hide in the undergrowth of thick tropical rain forests.


What makes this toadstool so remarkable is that its sticky residue has the magical property to temporarily muffle the symptoms of ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder as the Muggles like to call it. Although this product is quite expensive, witches and wizards alike who are afflicted with ADHD are willing to fork over a pretty penny or two for the magical wonders of this toadstool. There are no known side effects.

One interesting note is that Henry the Hoodlum, in 1875, managed to create a facsimile of the Bulgarian Lily and sold the things in mass quantity to Muggle shops and pharmacies. The result was mind-boggling; his creation, to an effect, actually worked. In later investigation it was found that he had used the roots of the Bulgarian Lily, originally considered one of the more useless appendages of the toadstool, as the major ingredient in his concoction.

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