Bullula Gramencio


Bullula Gramencio

Wand Movement

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Summons a water plant within a bubble of water

This advanced charm can be used to summon water plants within a dark bubble of water.  It was first introduced by Professor Cleo Virohsa during Term 14 in a lesson about water plants and coral.

Spell Casting

The incantation for this spell is Bullula Gramencio, from the Latin for 'plant summoning watery vesicle'.  Once cast, a levitating bubble full of dark water will appear first.  The plant will appear moments later in a flash of dark red light.


Bullula Gramencio allows the caster to maintain or study water plants without killing or drying them out.  Many water plants must remain immersed in water, and specifically water similar to that in which it grows, up until it is ready for use.

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