C. S. Tolkien (Jack) served as the Charms Professor (2060-62) & Hufflepuff's Head of House (2061-63) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Name: C. S. Tolkien (Jack)
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Adopted by muggles at birth so parentage unknown
Birth date: April 23, 2024
Place of Birth: Unknown
Residence outside of Hogwarts: Edinburgh, Scotland
Position: Charms Professor (2060)
Wand: Willow, Heart Sting of a Hungarian Horntail, 14 1/2 inches
Pet: Snowy Owl
Marital Status: Single
Appearance: Tolkien is rather tall at 6'6". He has sandy reddish hair with green eyes. He is somewhat handsome but he really doesn't know it.

Personality: His demeanor is almost shy, because he is a watcher. He can talk with anyone, but they have to start the conversation. He likes to sit back and watch a crowd to see the interactions of others before entering a room or conversation. His eyes catch the small things around him.

Hobbies: Tolkien is a reader. He favorite place outside his quarters and office is the library. So much so he was allowed to help in the Restricted Section his seventh year at Hogwarts. He has a keen interest in Herbology and Potions.

History: Jack attended Hogwarts but his letter was a shock. Jack knew strange things happened around him but, much like Harry, he didn't understand them. He was sorted into Slytherin as a first year. He was an all-around good student. He was never quite a fit in Slytherin due to the fact his blood-status was unknown. He was a prefect and in his last year Head Boy. After Hogwarts and OWLs, he took a job with Gringott's as a curse breaker. He worked there until approached late in the summer by Doyle and Rae, when when Macdougall decided not to return to Hogwarts. Jack knew both Doyle and Rae while at Hogwarts and is also well known to the Wizarding Community as the Head of Gringott's Curse Breaking Division for the last 5 years. The Daily Prophet selected him as one of the top single males in the wizardary world in 2059 which caused him much embarrassment.

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