The Cabeza de Turco concoction, roughly translated to "scapegoat" in English, was taught by Professor Culloden sometime during 2083-2084. It is a potion whose usage was prohibited ages ago, and is still forbidden to use it for formal courts and interrogations. It is extra powerful yet forbidden to use on muggles.


The exact date of the potion's creation is unknown, but it was created some time between 1542 (the creation of Spanish Inquisition) and 1689 ( the Signing of International Statute of Secrecy).

The Spanish Inquisition was one of the most cruel court the world has ever seen - created by the Roman Catholic Church to punish people whose religious beliefs were considered wrong. Guilty or not guilty, the people denied their supposed sins, because the consequences were just too gruesome. But there were some fanatic wizard priests in the court, and they came up with this potion.


It is a potion of manipulation.

In the olden days, it made the drinker confess the sins he has done - that was what the court said. But that wasn't the truth: It made people feel guilty. Even to the point of confessing to things they didn't do.


• Purified water

• 10 hippogriff feathers

• Half a unicorn horn (grated before starting)

• Glumbumble parts

• Half a Fwooper voice chords

• One drop of doxy venom

• Frog leg


1. Grate half a unicorn horn

2. Heat the cauldron for a minute at medium heat

3. Add 3 glasses of purified water

4. Add hippogriff feathers one by one

5. Count to ten and stir the potion counter clockwise once. Count to twenty and stir it clockwise once. Count to thirty and stir counter clockwise once again. - CAREFUL WITH THIS STEP!

6. Add the grated unicorn horn and draw an arrow pointing to right with your wand.

7. If the colour has turned bright white, add glumbumble parts and stir five times clockwise with wooden stirrer.

8. Add fwooper voice chords and wave your wand over the brew.

9.Add one drop of doxy venom. It should smoke for a few seconds. Wave your wand again once it stops smoking.

10. Add the frog leg and whisper a motivational quote or an inspirational person’s name.

More About the Concoction

-The colour is dark grey and it sits completely still even if you shook it.

-It depends on how strong your will is. The weaker it gets, the longer this potion will last and the more effective it will be.

-It will also reawaken suppressed guilt and especially these will eat you alive.

-Anyone can induce guilt, but the brewer is more powerful.

-If added into a drink (not potion), it will briefly smoke. Once the smoke dissipates, the taste and the colour of the drink is the same.


Potions 2, Term 37

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