Toadstools are commonly named after their appearance, and this toadstool is indeed a perfect match for its name.


Camouflage Caps are petite toadstools speckled with green, cream and dark grey spots. No two camouflage patterns are ever identical, making this variety even more intriguing. These toadstools rarely reach more than a half an inch in height. The cap is no larger than a knut, and the stems are extremely thin and delicate.


Camouflage Caps are rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.

Care Of

Camouflage Caps prefer to grow in hidden spaces. They are commonly found flourishing in dead tree stumps or in the rotting foliage on the forest floor. These often moist and dark places perfectly fit the Camouflage Cap's ideal growing environment. Take care when harvesting, as this type can easily be damaged by even the most gentle of touches.


This toadstool is known for its natural oils. It was once popular for witches and wizards to simply harvest the toadstool and rub the cap directly to their skin, hair or nails. They are now more commonly added as ingredients commonly used in enchanting shampoos and magical moisturizers. The toadstool itself will not feel oily until the skin is crushed, so if you are uncertain of the identity of a found toadstool, you can try crushing it in your palm. If it secretes and oily sour smelling liquid you have indeed found yourself a Camouflage Cap.

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