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Cantra is a wizard and witch school in Germany, and has 200 students. It is the largest magic school in Germany, and its system of learning is close to that of Hogwarts in Britian. In recent years, a group of vampires have made it their base, where they meet in secret, unkown to even most of the staff. In the year 2074, the vampires were discovered, and most of them were arrested.

HISTORY: The largest German school of magic is Cantra university. Cantra University was formed in 1741 by a wizard named Gullen. Gullen was befriended by a peaceful vampire, and together they convinced the German Ministry of Magic to allow a school of magic to be made in northern Germany. The vampire intended to use the school as a place to teach students about vampires as History of Magic teacher. His hope was to make young wizards and witches less afraid of vampires. Gullen, meanwhile, became headmaster, and he appointed staff members whom he knew. For awhile, Gullens friend did well as a teacher, although Gullen died in 1793. Talon, the vampire, became headmaster, but things changed quickly after that. The German Ministry of Magic did not trust a vampire to head a wizard school, and he was denied the position. They soon appointed one of their own as headmaster. Talon left and was not seen again. The school prospered and things were the same untill the year 2054. A cult of vampires discovered the underground tunnels beneath Hogwarts, and they decided to live there. They swore to turn a student into a vampire once every few months. One of them even infiltrated the school system and became a teacher. They almost turned a first year student named Wist Ebony into one of them, but another student who had followed them tried to rescue her. His neck was scraped by one of the vampires, but it wasn't enough. He warned one of the teachers about the vampires, and a task force from the German Ministry came to destroy the vampires.*

KNOWN STUDENTS: Wist Ebony and Halt.


  • A fanfic is being made about this event. More information will be added to this page once it is on Snitchseeker.

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