It is found only in the caves of mountain Trolls and is likely to be spotted strolling about the ceiling of the cave in search of moisture. Yes, that is correct, strolling. These toadstools are mobile! They move at a glacial pace, but do manage to cover quite a bit of ground over the course of their lifetime. This toadstool is one of the most recently discovered, having only just been classified in the early 1960's. It is mentioned in older manuscripts, but only vaguely as most witches and wizards aren't willing to wander into the den of a giant mountain troll even in the name of scientific research.


They do look incredibly like a charmed piece of caramel candy slowly creeping across the surface of the caves in which they thrive.


Since this toadstool is fairly new to the research field, it is still considered unstable and should be used in potions on a limited basis.

Care Of

It is unlikely to find a sole specimen and tend to flourish when left to grow in large colonies. When one wants to obtain the precious properties this toadstool emits, they need harvest the oily residue found on the underside of the cap. When harvesting this golden liquid, simply use the tip of your wand and carefully coax the liquid into a glass vial. When sealed with bees wax, they liquid seems to become stable and preserved. It has been stored for 20 years with success.


The residue found on the underside of the Caramel Creeper’s cap can be used in a number of potions as a thickening agent, and is also favoured in unctions. It is also used to aid the ingestion of certain medications, coating them in the golden liquid helps them slide down the throat- this is particularly useful for administering medication to ill children or animals.

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