Caroline Scott
Carrie underwood
Caroline M. Scott


Caroline Mona Scott


1st April 2058

Blood Status:


Marital Status





Former Slytherin

Caroline Mona Scott was born on April 1, 2058 in Greenhill, Kent, England. She is a pureblood witch, currenting in her 7th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardary. She was sorted into Slytherin in her first year. She played Quidditch for her house as a chaser. After Hogwarts She plans on being the Tutshill Tornados teams Healer if her NEWTs go accordingly.

Caroline is the biological daughter of Marshall Romalotti and Stephaine Malfoy Scott-Zabini. She was raised by her Mother and Michael Scott. She has a older Brother Casey Scott and a older sister Starr Scott, they are both the biological children of Michael and Stephaine Scott. In addition to her older siblings she has a younger brother Asher Romalotti, Son of Marshall and Nicole Romalotti. She also has a step father, Matthew Zabini, and a step mother Nicole Cortese. She also has plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins on each side of her family. She spend most of her clildhood and Summers away from school with the Scotts and away from her mothers family.

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