Caspar Viridian
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Caspar Maxcell Viridian

Date of Birth

22nd October 2054

Blood Status


House Affiliation



Graduating class of '73


5'9", average build


Naturally dark, but he often changes it



Caspar Maxcell Viridian was born on the 22nd October 2054 in Knebworth, England. He is the shopkeeper of the Shrunken Head Bowling Alley (Spring 2083 - Present), and lives in Diagon Alley above the premises. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted in Gryffindor house, and graduated with the class of 2073.

Personality and Key Characteristics

Caspar is very sociable and often very keyed-in to the subtleties of other humans. He spends a lot of time dealing with people, or just being around them, so years of people-watching has helped develop his skill at recognising body language and the like. A fun game of his is to 'Sherlock' some of the customers that come into his establishment. Aside from this, he also enjoys his nights out, socialising and making connections with people.

Always very cheerful, Caspar makes it a point to put out an 'approachable' vibe. He's still a bit of a joker, just as he was at school, though many of his jokes have a tendency to fall flat. Still, Caspar is blessed with the skill of being able to laugh at himself, so it's never much of a bother to him.

Mad about music, Caspar's most treasured belongings are is guitar and his wizarding wireless, which is always going when he works the counter at work. Often, when customers encounter the shopkeeper, he will be dancing along to the music no doubt being played from it.

History and Early Life

Caspar is a half-blood, the second born child and only son of pureblood father, Roger Viridian, and muggle mother, Fiona Viridian (née Hart). Though there were some worries on the logistics of the relationship from the wizarding family's perspective at first, the two soon became engaged, and his mother learnt all about the magical community. Before long, Caspar's older sister, Matilda, was born, and two years later Caspar came along. The family settled in Knebworth, England, and lived a reasonably comfortable life there.

It soon became evident that both children had magical blood, and would likely be destined to Hogwarts at the appropriate age. Both Matilda and Caspar began displaying signs of accidental magic, Caspar perhaps more so, what with his extroversion and tendency to show off at school to his friends. The pair attended a muggle primary school, though were taken out and homeschooled at the ages of 9 and 7 as the incidents of accidental magic were becoming harder to control and explain. Additionally, Caspar's parents were worried that this, coupled with his tendency to declare to his teachers that he was a wizard, might risk breaching the statute of secrecy.


At the age of eleven, Caspar received his Hogwarts letter and, a few months later, boarded the Hogwarts Express to attend his first year at the school. He was sorted into Gryffindor, which surprised none of his family, despite his father and older sister being through-and-through Ravenclaws.

It soon became apparent that Caspar was not exactly suited to academia. He quickly took on a 'class clown'-esque role, which gained him social status with his peers, though did him no favours in classes. Every year Caspar managed to scrape through his final exams and pass on to the next year, though not for lack of intelligence; school and all its formalities were quite simply a bore that the excitable Gryffindor was not prepared to slow down for. However, when Caspar was in his fourth year, he began to learn guitar, and his interest in music blossomed. Instead of acting the class clown, a role which was leading him towards trouble, Caspar instead focused on his music. His grades still left something to be desired, but Caspar by this point had already decided that he wanted to pursue his music rather than attend university. He eventually graduated Hogwarts (much to the relief of his family) with a handful of OWLs and NEWTs.


After graduating Hogwarts, Caspar began trying to make a name for himself as a music artist. He did moderately well, playing solo at a few gigs and turning out reasonably popular, but the lifestyle didn't pay the bills. While he struggled to make it big as a musician, he had no choice but to get what turned out to be a series of shops, restaurants, and bars. As a half-blood, Caspar found himself comfortably fitting into both muggle and wizarding environments, and found work in both communities. He also attempted to make it big with his music in both the muggle and wizarding worlds, but by the time he was 21 years old, Caspar was forced to admit that he simply couldn't afford to focus on his music, which was looking as though it would take many years to take off, and had to find a more realistic career that would bring in the galleons. His older sister already had a stable job and home of her own at this point, and he was determined to prove to his family that he could do the same.

At this point, Caspar gave up music professionally, and instead chose to take a Business Administration and Management course at Wizarding University. It took some persuasion to be allowed onto the course with the exam results he had from school, but with a collection of glowing references from wizards and witches he had worked for, Caspar was set. This time, armed with more maturity and the understanding that his degree would help him forge a career, Caspar did much better than he had at school, and left university with a whole new set of knowledge and skills.

Immediately upon leaving university, Caspar went into business with one of his course mates; with the help of investments (admittedly from the friend's well-to-do family), the pair opened up and ran their own wizarding bar and music venue. It was relatively successful, a real money-earner, and Caspar had the opportunity to perform some of his own music, which he was very pleased to do. Eventually, though, when he was 28, Caspar decided it was time to go it alone in business. He officially handed over his share of the business to his friend, and they remain on good terms with Caspar still goes back to perform his music at the establishment from time to time.

Shortly after this there came an opening in Diagon Alley, and Caspar became the new shopkeeper for the Shrunken Head Bowling Alley, which was perfect for his love of fun and his sociable nature. He moved into the flat above the premises, and though he still finds himself full of regret at the failure of his music, continues to run the bowling alley quite happily.


OWL Results Grade
Astronomy P
Care of Magical Creatures A
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts P
Divination T
Herbology P
History of Magic D
Potions A
Transfiguration E
NEWT Results Grade
Care of Magical Creatures A
Charms O
Potions P
Transfiguration E