Cassiopeia Despina Morgan, was the Professor of Divination for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2083-88).


Full Name:

Cassiopeia Despina Morgan

Date of Birth:

10 October 2050

Martial Status:





9 ¾ Vine Wood, Phoenix Feather

House Affiliation:







Cassie has a fun loving personality and gets along with everyone do to her lack of realizing that some might find her odd. Even if she realizes others might not hear the same music she does she doesn’t care. She will still share her happy positive attitude with everyone around her. If she is excited for herself or for others she will do happy snaps, bounce, squeal, and even clap. Very bubbly and full of energy.


Cassiopeia is the second oldest of four children. She comes from a long line of people both from her mother and father sides, who for the most part are seers. Some just think they have it while others truly do. Raised in a family of people that follow the signs, she became fascinated at an early age with all Divination especially Astrology. Moving into their home when Cassie was six she met a neighborhood girl that was three years younger than her who quickly became her best friend for life. When she was ten Cassie started dreaming of Hogwart, do to her birthday falling in October she had to wait a little longer to go after she turned eleven, but finally her letter came and she had to leave her best friend to attend school.

At Hogwarts Cassie was sorted into Hufflepuff where she fit right in for the most part. Her bubbly energetic personality got her noticed and at times not in a friendly way. To some she was seen as odd and different always hanging out in the Divination Tower or in the library. She enjoyed asking other students their birthdays and giving them horoscopes for the day or month. If on the grounds she was easy to be found near the lake enjoying time outdoors. During her third year Cassie’s childhood best friend Nessa joined her at school and the girls were often seen together.

After Hogwarts Cassie continued her study in Divinations at Uni. Once she was finished with her studies she let the signs lead her on some traveling adventures where she worked odd jobs both wizarding and muggle. Finding herself back in Cornwall, Cassie became a private tutor and following in her grandmother’s footsteps becoming a muggle psychic. Her younger brother who doesn’t follow the family interest as well heard about the opening at Hogwarts and pushed Cassie in that direction. After some thoughts and a sign that she felt told her to go for it she applied and was accepted to become the Divination Professor.

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