Charlie Devereaux


Charlotte Adèle Devereaux-Manning


Charlie, Char



Date of Birth:

February 14th, 2059



Known Langauges:

French, English, Basic Latin, and Basic Spanish



Important Things About Charlotte

Personality: Creative, artistic, sometimes she can be a bit of a longer and stick to the classic books and literature but lately she has become more outgoing. In general Charlotte is a caring girl who wants all the world to be a better place she understands when things go “wrong” and really wants to help everyone she also has the tendency to put her self in awkward situations because she tried to help people.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Tea, Coffee, sitting at cafes, and waiting for the next “break” in breaking newsworthy articles for the daily prophet.

Familial History

Charlotte Manning grew up living with two people who she believed to be, and still believes to be her brother and sister - that is until recently when she and her “sister” found her sister to be adopted. She’s understanding, and sad of course with this new development in her familial life however she still views Edward and Kyleigh as her older brother and sister.


Charlotte attended Beauxbaton Academy in france during the regular school year, she graduated ahead of her age level in the year of 2075 along with her cousin/brother Edward Manning. Upon graduation the then sixteen year old witch took classes in journalism through the Magical University in Edinburgh over the summer and muggle classes in business journalism through Ecole Superieure de Journalisme, or ESJ in Paris France.

News Literacy (one year course teaching one to discern the credibility of a news source in the summer of 2077),
Basic News Reporting and Writing, (One year course teaching one to discern what is “newsworthy”)

Wizarding University

Charlotte took Course in Journalism



Waitress at a few small Cafes throughout France

Daily Prophet

Former Lifestyles Collumnist and Journalist for the Daily Prophet

As an Author...

She has written a few Essays on Education, Love, and general Misadventures


Charlie was raised by her mother Aurelie Devereaux and Edward Manning - the adoptive parents of Edward and Kyleigh Tanner (nee Manning).


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