Cheese Churning Charm


Firmus lac lactis

Wand Movement:

Wand held at a 45 degree angle and the wand is drawn in a Z back and forth.


Firms milk into cheese consistency

The Cheese Churning Charm was introduced to the Charms students by Professor Macadrian Shackleton during Term 20. The charm alters the consistency of milk to make cheese.

Casting the Spell

The wand movement begins by pointing the wand down at a 45 degree angle. The wand should be drawn in Z motions back and forth until the correct consistency is reached.

The incantation is Firmus lac lactis. The incantation only needs to be spoken once while the wand is moved over the milk, but intent must be maintained through the entire casting. Not maintaining intent could cause the milk to curdle or to fail to set properly.

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