Much like the name would suggest this feisty little shrub is a predator. Chokeberries are native to the Unites States and particularly favour the conditions in the north-east. They grow well in full light, but tolerate shade. In fact these menacing little shrubs are quite hardy, being able to withstand drought and are able to survive without feeding for up to two years. They are also easy to accommodate into any garden or greenhouse environment as they also tolerate soil compaction and higher than normal salinity. So if you’re after a fanciful flesh-eating addition to your garden, this one is a sound option. Perfect for amateur and even the most incompetent herbologists, the Chokeberry bush is guaranteed to flourish, no matter how well or how poorly you care for it.

They are self-serving, in that you do not actively need to seek out their meals for them. In the spring they exhibit delicate white or pink flowers, and then have dark berries in the fall. Because of the sweet scent of this shrub, birds, rabbits and even small mammals are lured to the plant for a feed. Little do they know that whilst this charming shrub looks completely harmless from a distance, it will pounce and wrap its flexible branches around their unsuspecting throats. Once its prey has been successful suffocated, the Chokeberry bush will drag its victims under its foliage towards its mouth at the base of the bush. A light sprinkle of dragon dung wouldn't go astray annually, especially if you do not provide these charming shrubs with regular care. They can reach up to two feet and pose little threat to wizards. Though keep in mind that small pets and little children should not be left unsupervised in the presence of these stranglers.

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