Anchutka by monopteryx-d33mv1k

A demon from Slavic Mythology. This creature is described as having horns, hooves, skinny tail, and a pig-face.

The existence of such creature was first discussed by Professor Medea Romanos sometime during 2082-2083 in one of her Defense Against the Dark Arts class.


It was first believed this race was a myth because there hasn't been a single sighting of them near or in Western Europe. However, this was later proven to be wrong as they had been appearing and actually migrating slowly west from Eastern Russia.

They are territorial beasts. They are also very quick and smart. Furthermore, they somehow produce coldness wherever they go, bringing great winter storms with them. Their horns and bites are particularly venomous which causes an extreme and lethal reaction similar to that of Tuberculosis. It rapidly spreads to other parts of the body and bones, and usually ends with death.


Useless against them:

Fire spells - Chorts absorb flames like it's nothing

Useful against them:




Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson 1, Term 36

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