There is a toadstool, fairly unknown due to a circumstance that will be further explained, that hides away in a very specific crag of mountain in the Himalayas. It only grows during the winter months of the year and then stays alive just long enough to throw its seed to the ground directly near it, in the hopes that one day another toadstool will grow in its place. With this assurance, the toadstool promptly expires.


The Christmas Carol is still revered by some Himalayan cultures as a gift from an angel. It has a special burning capacity, enabling fires to survive up to 3 days without additional fuel. The secret lies in its complex anatomy. It may grow up to 6 inches in height and may reach a robust 10 inches in diameter. It sports a very unusual colour combination. The stalk is coloured a bright fire engine red, complemented by stripes of varying thickness in bright mint green. It is thought that these two colours are used to ward off potential dangers such as the common mountain lion or the rarer Yeti.


The Christmas Carol is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.

Care Of

This toadstool, despite common sense, does not need as much nutrients as other toadstools of similar size and shape. This is due to the fact that most of its stalk is just air. The inflated volume of the toadstool allows for greater heat carrying capacity and acts as a shield against the harsh weather of the mountains. Its skin is made of a sticky leather-like material that resembles wax. It is this wax that can keep a fire burning for days on end and is an additional barrier against the cold. It only blooms during the week of the birth of Christ.


Often used in the manufacturing of wizarding sweets and beverages. The price range of such a toadstool varies, but its cost is usually between 10 galleons a pound to a whopping 100 galleons a pound for a certain gourmet variety. The taste is said to very minty, like peppermint candy, and leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

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