Christopher Brian James

Christopher Brian James was born on March 14, 2061 to Brain and Victoria James. Both of his parents are Muggles, which makes Christopher and his little sister, Elyon James, a Muggleborn wizard and witch. Ch
Logan lerman

Christopher James

ristopher and his sister Elyon grew up in Sea Town, England under the care of both of their parents, but once their magical talents started to develop their mother shunned both chidren leaving their father as the sole active parent in their lives. After Brain James died when Christopher was twelve, Christopher and Elyon moved in with Selina Skylar and her family who now treats them as their family.

Christopher is an prolific reader who loves to read all classical literature, including Shakespeare, Dickens, Hugo, etc. Along with reading, Christopher is well versed in the realm of Herbology and loves to fly in his spare time, a habit he picked up when staying with the Skylars.

His wand is bloodwood, 11 3/4 inches, essence of phoenix feather, he is tall 5' 11", and has piercing blue eyes. He is one of two children, a current student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a Gryffindor.

Childhood and Acceptance into Hogwarts

Christopher Brian James was born on March 14, 2061 as the first child to Brian and Victoria James.

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