Classification: XX / Beast - Native in North America

A Clabbert is an arboreal creature that resembles a cross between a monkey and a frog. Its smooth skin is mottled green, and it has short horns and a wide grinning mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Its long arms and webbed hands and feet allow it to move gracefully through the trees. On the Clabbert's forehead is a large pustule which flashes red when the Clabbert senses danger. It feeds on small lizards and birds.

The Clabberts have a pustule on their forehead. This is a fantastic survival tool. Back in the day, witches and Wizards used to hunt these creatures and use them to sense danger for themselves. The International Confederation of Wizards eventually started to fine those who kept Clabberts in sight of muggles. The sight of a tree at night full of glowing postules attracted too many muggles who were wondering why there were Christmas lights up during the non-holiday season.

To safely approach them it is important take only a few steps closer to the Clabberts. Don't move too quickly, and if they move back, take a few steps back. They are not dangerous, however they may run away.


The Wooded Groove - Term 11
CoMC - Class 1 - Term 20
The Creature Book of Creatures

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