Claire Rousseau

Name: Claire Aurélie Rousseau

Claire Aurélie Rousseau


26th of April 2066

Claire Aurélie Rousseau was born on the 26th of April, 2065 in Bourdeaux, France. She is currently a fourth year attending Beauxbatons Academy for Magic, where she has a preference for Charms and Transfiguration. She has been living with her grandmother up till Summer of 2028 when she moved in with her aunt.


The Rousseau family are one of the few remaining French pureblood families, their tracked liniage dating back as far the French Revelution. They weren't all that strict, however about keeping the blood completely pure. So, when Claire's father, Célestin came home with a muggle-born English girl by the name of, Sebrina Nevian, they were more than happy to welcome her into the family with open arms. Within a year Sebrina and Célestin were married and within another half, expecting a child. Some would say, Sebrina among them, though she never admitted it aloud, that the couple's relationship was going way too fast, though the Rousseaus didn't believe such a thing.

On the 26th of April, Sebrina and Célestin were blessed with a baby girl, who was christened Claire. Yet it soon became clear that Sebrina was not mature enough to take of a child.

(more to be added when I'm not lazy)

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