A particularly dark Cap.

These delicate little toadstools are among the smallest, but don't let their diminutive size fool you. They are quite potent and are very sought after.


The toadstool itself measures in at around 3 inches tall at the largest and the cap at about 2 inches in diameter. They have brilliant white stems and cream coloured caps covered with what look like brush strokes of an inky powdery blue. It is believed these toadstools were named after the eye shadow Queen Cleopatra of Egypt favoured. No two caps have ever been found with identical markings which just add to the charm of this little fungi.


Cleopatra’s Caps are rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.

Care Of

This toadstool prefers mild but dark environments. They will not tolerate extreme heat or cold, so be sure to regulate your thermostat in your greenhouse should you decided to try your hand at growing these royal little wonders. Remember to always start your colony with more than one specimen. They do not like to be alone and you will have a hard time keeping a lonely toadstool of this variety surviving for long.


They have been harvested for centuries for use in love potions, beautification charms and of course magical makeup products. It is believed the blue found on the caps can act as an enchanting agent when worn by a witch.

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