Cole Upstead


Cole Braeden Upstead

Date of Birth

19th May, 2070






Dark blond, getting darker with age



Cole Braeden Upstead was born on the 19th May 2070. He is five minutes older than his identical twin brother, Dexter Upstead. Cole attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Personality and Characteristics

Cole is often seen in the company of his brother, Dexter. Both boys are very easygoing and no strangers to fun and mischief (such as attempting to sneak to Hogsmeade, or occasionally pretending to be each other, though not always with the other's permission). Thanks to a well-off and well-rounded upbringing, neither of the twins have ever had to deal with any particular hardships in their lives so far. Perhaps due to this, they are very cheerful and happy-go-lucky, though tend to forget that not everyone has had such an easy life. This is something that they have managed to improve on in recent years, since starting at Hogwarts.

A very accepting individual, Cole is very understanding of difference and likes to try and help those he considers to be in need, a trait that has stemmed from feeling like the responsible older brother. Though he is pretty responsible and ever-so-slightly more sensible than his twin counterpart, he is just as rambunctious as Dexter, especially when the two are together. Both twins also have a tendency to squabble, pick on, and tease each other mercilessly, as they each know the other can take it. Specifically, Cole enjoys lording it over Dexter due to the fact that he is a whole five minutes older. He has a protective streak in him, however, for Dexter and anyone else that he may be friends with. As they've spent their entire childhood and much of their school life in each other's company, despite being sorted into separate houses, Cole is incredibly close to Dexter, and though he'd never admit it out loud, he cares about him a tremendous amount. When he was sorted into Ravenclaw, and his brother went to Hufflepuff, this was initially very difficult to deal with. However, Cole initially showed Dexter how to enter the Ravenclaw Common Room in case his little brother ever needed him or wanted company (and because he himself was not ready for them to be split up) so the two has remained just as close.

Cole is the only one of the Upstead brothers to be sorted into Ravenclaw, as opposed to Hufflepuff (not including Daniel, the oldest brother, who attended Durmstrang). He is very proud of this fact, and is glad that of something that sets him aside as more of an individual than simply just being one of a set. At first he worried that Dexter would be upset with him for feeling this way, but when they spoke about it it turned out that his younger brother was aware of this, and completely understood.

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