Colly Bugle is a magical water plant also known as Morning Bread.


Colly Bugle grows to a length of about 1 foot, in waters that are anywhere between 2 to 5 feet deep. It is easily identified by its strong resemblance to a loaf of French bread -- long, narrow and light brown in colour. While it has roots, they are of a very thin, fibrous nature and easily overlooked. There are no known plants that look anything like Colly Bugle.


There are no cautions for this plant. It is rated a 3. It is a useful plant with no known dangerous qualities.

Care Of

Colly Bugle cannot be grown outside of the Mediterranean Sea. All attempts to do so have failed. If you live in that area though, you may grow it for personal use by creating artificial barriers in coves so that you may harvest it more easily.

Colly Bugle goes through its life cycle once a day. It starts as a spore that rapidly enlarges to the size and shape of a small loaf of bread, ripening about daybreak. After it ripens, it is quiet for about 2 hours, then starts swelling rapidly to the size of a large watermelon. Approximately 3 hours after sunrise, it will explode into thousands of spores with long thin roots. The spores then float downwards to fasten to the sea bed with their roots, starting the cycle all over again.


If harvested at daybreak, Colly Bugle is a most nutritious food. It contains almost everything that is required to maintain life in a body.

You may bake it in a warm oven for 20 minutes or eat it raw. The flavour of Colly Bugle has been compared to everything from fresh baked bread to regurgitated vomit. (It is suggested that you take the time to bake it in the oven.)

If harvested just before it explodes into thousands of spores, Colly Bugle can be used as a soap. Simply put it in a cauldron containing an equal mass of hot water and bring to a boil for one hour. The plant will separate into its component parts. The molecules combine with the water in such a way that the result is a large block of fine soap floating in the cauldron.

If you place a very fine net around the Colly Bugle while it is in the water, and let it explode, you can catch the spores. Use the spores as fertilizer after spreading them out in the warm sun to dry.

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