Comantis Bestiarius Potion


Alters one's skin cells into animal skin

Brewing Time

less than 1 hour



The Comantis Bestiarius Potion was taught by Potions Mistress Hecate Lafay sometime during 2081-2082.


When poured on the skin, it can alter one's skin cells into the skin of whatever animal the part harvested from (e.g. skin, feathers, scales, furs).


  • Water
  • 20 blades of Fluxweed
  • Pinch of crushed Sneezewart seeds
  • Sliced Knottgrass bunch
  • 3 tablespoons of Cinnamon
  • Animal part of choice


  • Fill cauldron half way with water and start flame.
  • Take the 20 blades of Fluxweed, and place them on a wooden board. Then slice them a centimeter apart with a silver knife.
  • Toss the sliced fluxweed in the water, and stir with wooden stirrer 6 times counter clockwise.
  • Place the sneezewart seeds in the mortar, then with a clean pestle, crush them into dust
  • With gloves, take a pinch of the dust and sprinkle it into the brew. (NOTE: There will be a puff of vapor. Although it isn't harmful, it will make your hair stand straight up for a day so stand back.)
  • Clean the silver knife then lie out bunch of knottgrass and slice, don't chop, SLICE it. Do not cross cut, just slice one way.
  • Add it to the mixture. (The potion should turn RED.)
  • Put in the three tablespoons of Cinnamon.
  • Take the animal part that you harvested, and drop it in in the middle of the cinnamon.
  • Listen for a wet farting noise. This signals that the mixture is ready for the spell.
  • Cast the spell "Comantis Bestiarius" on the mixture. (The motion is a simple flick and double swish.)


Potions Lesson 2: Comantis Bestiarius Potion, Term 35

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