Incense cedar

A most dangerous breed of flesh-eating tree lies relatively in the open, perfectly accessible to all wizards, goblins, elves, fairies, and Muggles alike, if not to the entire magical community. Although its choice of prey is insects, it has no qualms to a nice tasty morsel of goblin or human. It cannot move about freely and is susceptible to most elements when its protective coat peels off. Ironically, it is this very coat that gives them their fame.


It is the Crystallized Cedar, characterized by the pink sheen to its bark, which consists of the thin fluid that contains the Crystallized Cedar’s most dangerous ability. This fluid is made of various hydrocarbons mixed with other curious elements. But the result of this chemistry is devastating. This pink fluid that gives the Crystallized Cedar its infamy is its ability to instantly crystallize, and thus kill, its prey. It seeps into cells and can easily permeate the various sub-layers of the skin to enter the bloodstream. From there, the blood will harden. The process happens so quickly that most do not even realize that a tree of all things has caught them.
The appearance of this flesh-eating tree is not so imposing. Despite the pinkness of its bark, which can peel off in strips without much force, it is vulnerable to the natural elements. A small wind will tear off the very bark of the Crystallized Cedar, thus ridding it of its potent offense and defence mechanism. When this happens, the tree is in its most vulnerable state. The best season to get rid of Crystallized Cedars is in the fall to wintertime. A simple axe in hand or a lit match will get rid of them fairly quickly. A heavy rainstorm will also do the same trick as a light wind, peeling the bark off this flesh-eating tree.

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