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Full Name:

Curtis Angelo Fuller-Thompson

Date of Birth:

29 January 2086

Blood Status:




Curtis Angelo Fuller-Thompson is currently enrolled at Primary Wizarding School.

Curtis was born January of 2086 to Pierson Fuller and Javier Thompson. His parents were the best friends as students before teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft the subjects Charms and Care of Magical Creatures, respectively. At first sight he appears to inherit his Papa Javy's looks, but the behaviour and expressions all point to his Daddy Piersie's. Curtis also has an older brother Tobias, who he looks up to figuratively and literally.

As a baby Curtis loved the attention from his parents and brother, who even attempted to gift him a cow of his own. Though the size of it frightened Curtis thinking it would attack them. He was expected to start daycare with the other toddlers, but the thought of separating from his parents was too much to bear for him. So Curtis would remain playing with the dogs at his Daddy's Doggy daycare until he was old enough to be okay with being away from them long enough.

Now approaching the age of six, Curtis was more than ready to mingle with others at the Primary Wizarding School. When he's not in school 'accidentally' spilling paint on others, he enjoys playing with his family and the animals that he's introduced to.

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