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Full name:

Daichi Max Katharos








Milton keynes


11.4", Vine wood, Phoenix Feather Core, Bendy



Current job:

Minister office employee / Board of Governor member


1. Dorian Katharos (adopted)

On may 5th , Daichi was born in a normal loving Halfblood family. He grew up in a small mansion in Milton Keynes , England. His father, who works at the Ministry of Magic is an English Wizard. His mother, a Korean muggle worked as a housewife. Daichi also has an older brother who graduated two years ago and is currently working together with his father at the Ministry.

Daichi started to show magical abilities at an early age. The little boy wanted to grab a candy on top of the kitchen but couldn't reach it. He doesn't know how but all of the sudden the candy started to move and it flew right in to his hand. His mother, who had been busy with cooking had seen it all and was delighted to tell her husband what had happened.


Daichi at age 5

When Daichi turned seven, something happened that would change his life forever. A fire broke in in their home while he and his mother were sleeping. His father had to work over time at the Ministry and his older brother was at a sleep over party with some friends. Mysteriously, Daichi's plushed duck , Mr.Duckles fell off the shelve above him and on his head , waking him up. Seeing basically nothing for the smoke was getting thicker, the only thing in his mind was that he needed to get out. Disoriented , the boy tried to find his way to his mothers room and when he finally reached it he couldn't get closer. The flames were too high and he was scared of it. Daichi tried shouting at his mother to wake up but she didn't. Tears flowing out of his eyes, he told his mother that he would find help and a few minutes later he had found his way outside.

His neighbors had already called the fire ambulance and it was on it's way. Seeing Daichi running out of the house hysterical and crying his neighbors tried to comfort him. He told them that his mother was still inside but the flames were too high for them to try and go in. They could do nothing but watch as the fire truck arrived. His father and brother came home as soon as they heard what had happened still in pajamas and suit they stood on the street. Daichi felt his heart lifting up when he saw his mother being carried out on a tray, she was alive! But it sank immediately when they laid a white cloth over her body.


From that day, Daichi's cheerful personality had changed into a gloomy one. He never played with the other kids in his neighbourhood again. Never smiled only when he was forced to. When he turned eleven, Daichi had gotten a letter from Hogwarts and it was from that day on he decided to be different. Putting on a mask to hide his true self, Daichi went to Hogwarts with his old cheerful personality. Knowing that his mother would be dissapointed in him if he kept this up, and if there is one thing that he wants is to make his mother proud. He could often been seen laughing, smiling and joking around but if someone could look inside his heart, they would see it was aching.

Older years.

After Daichi graduated as the Slytherin Prefect, he began to work at a muggle clothing store. Here he worked for about two years and during this time he met Andy Reid. A muggle whom he had taken a liking. The two

Ministry of Magic Latin Logo

went out on dates and eventually they moved in together. When Daichi turned 24, he applied for a job at the Ministry all the while keeping it secret for his partner. He knew that Andy disliked anything related to magic, in other words he was scared of it and because Daichi loved him he kept his identity a secret. At the Ministery he

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Dorian Katharos

got a job at the Minister's office. Things went well for a few more years and the two eventually decided to adopted a child. Dorian came the newest addition to the family but when Andy found out that now only his soon to be husband and even the child could do real magic, he left them in a heartbeat.

Daichi struggled with keeping his job and raising his child alone. His father luckily offered to help, knowing what it was to raise children alone and the two sold the appartment and now live in at his father's house. After he send Dorian to primary school, Daichi signed up for another job to get paid more. He became the newest addition to the Board of Government.


Tumblr le0tq5nwdY1qafgzbo1 500

summer at the beach.

In his earlier age, Daichi Katharos was known to be gullible. He was friendly, naive, made friends easily and people allround either thought he was weird or adorable. Sometimes even both. In his later years, Daichi grew more confident in himself, more mature and he became a no nonsense type of person. He was stil friendly and could talk to anyone if he needed but he was good at keeping his work and private life separate.

Friends and Frenemies


Evan Cartwright

Daichi met the ex-Slytherin Prefect for the first time in Slug and Jiggers store when he was eleven. Daichi had dropped a couple of vials on the ground and Evan had been nice to help him. They started to talk and the seventh year liked to joke around with him by saying that the sorting test was three hours long. Naturally, Daichi panicked and believed the older boy. At Hogwarts he found out there was no such thing as a three hour long test and Daichi started to call him Mr.Liar from then on. His annoyance didn't last long because when Daichi had blown up the Dormitory, Evan told him he would help him practise spells in the room of requirment Since that day, Evan became like an older brother to him.

2 (2)

Jonathan Kim

In his second year at Hogwarts, Daichi met Jonathan for the first time in the train. Daichi's stuffed duck Mr.Duckles had fallen on the ground and the slytherin was trying to reach it under the couch when Jonathan entered the compartment. It had been pretty awkward, especially for Daichi and the Slytherin wasn't sure if he liked Jonathan or not. At Hogwarts they got along fine however and Daichi liked having Jonathan around, he never laughed at him about his stuffed duck or asked questions about it. One thing Daichi never liked was...WHY must he ALWAYS pinch Daichi's cheeks?


Thea Eden

In his first year, Thea and Daichi spoke to each other once in a while but that was it. Only after Lord Borr gave the DADA assignment and Daichi was practising his front rolls in a corridor did they became closer. Thea helped him practising his front rolls, which was an absolute disaster though. At first, Daichi was scared of her. Yes scared. She would scare him, make fun of him and she liked to stare him down. However, Daichi was also thrilled to know someone that wasn't so nice to him at first. They were so opposite from each other that they just connected. In their second year they did the hate potion homework together since they became pretty good friends. But during the hate potion they both sad some aweful things to each other. Eventually, Daichi wanted to apologize to her and he had written his brother to send some *i'm sorry* chocolates. Thea and Daichi became pretty much the partners in crime as they would help each other out (Thea helped him more though) and he sees her as maybe his bestfriend.


Kurumi Hollingberry

Daichi knew Kurumi only as Jonathan's girlfriend in the beginning. The Slytherin had noticed the Gryffindor Prefect for the first time really in a the Transfiguration practise room. He had watched Kurumi changing her hairstyles and Daichi found out that he started to blush seeing her with the short hair. Obviously, he liked it but he was confused on why he suddenly had to blush since it had never happened before. It wasn't until the end of the term at the feast that they started to talk...or actually eat together. Daichi's birthday had been in may but since he was too busy with his school work he couldn't celebrate it. He was therefore taken aback when Kurumi had made him a big chocolate cake and gave it to him at the end of his second year.


Beatrice *Beezus* Castell

The First time he met Beezus was in Astronomy class. Daichi had wanted to answer one of Professor Roslund's questions when a Ravenclaw girl stole his exact same words. (she answered before him) He therefore had added "what that Ravenclaw girl said" to his own answer making her look up. Daichi was surprised that Beezus suddenly whispered an answer to him when he couldn't find the answer however. But after that they didn't spoke again until some months later. They met again during the start of the term feast and started talking. And during classes they would acknowledge each other now and then.

Fernando torres at media

Joao i-have-many-middle-names Neves

Joao is Daichi's frenemy. The first time they spoke to each other, Daichi thought that Joao was both interesting and annoying. He didn't know wether to like the obnoxious guy or not. Well, Daichi likes almost everyone so he decided to give it a try. However things started to go downwards when a small incident at the swimming pond turned in to a disaster. Daichi had wanted to hug Joao because he wanted to, he slipped on the slippery ground and fell in to the water. Taking Joao with him. Luckily for Daichi , the place he had fallen wasn't that deep so he could get out without drowning again. But what happened next he prefered the drowning part. Joao literally yelled at him for being stupid and what not. Daichi became angry too and they both started to verbally fight each other. When Joao dried himself with a spell, Daichi had to reluctant ask if he wanted to use that spell on him. Joao did help him and their fight had calmed down for a bit. The older Slytherin actually explained how to do the hot air charm but Daichi failed and blew a hole in the grounds. Too bad Professor Bentley had seen the hole and just as they started to get along better...they started to argue again on who's fault it was. At the end of the year when Kurumi had given him a chocolate cake, Daichi felt bad about his fights with Joao and decided to give him a piece of chocolate as a token of peace.

Hogwarts Years

**First Year**

Daichi loved his first year at Hogwarts and secretly didn't want to go back home. He was very nervous when he first set foot in diagon alley and even managed to make a mess in the slug and jiggers store. He doesn't have many friends at school, just people that he know but he wouldn't concider them "friends". He felt lonely in the beginning of the year but the feeling grew away when he met the Slytherin Prefect , Evan Cartwright. The seventh year was like an older brother to him together with the fourth year Jonathan Kim. They never made fun of him whenever he carried Mr.Duckles with him around and he was grateful for that because the plushed duck is his everything.

At Hogwarts, his favorite classes had been Arithmancy and Charms. He had never expected

First year

that he would like numbers related things because even when he thought about it it made his head spin. Yet, he found out it was pretty simple although he doesn't understand the theory, he is good at the practical assignments. Charms, which is his second favorite subject came as a shock to him. Mainly because, Daichi's wand and spell work is so HORRIBLE that he can't even perform a simple wingardium leviosa. Not to mention he had almost blown Evan up when he had offered to help him in the room of requirement. He never gave up though and practised spells as much as he could until he became better at it. Now , his spells are affective but only if he could aim... Somehow, Daichi's aiming ability seems to be way off and he would hit anything except for the thing he need to aim at.

Knowing he was bad at performing spells, Daichi wanted to find something he was good in. He decided to sign up for the quidditch team and after having passed through a couple of try outs he was selected as a chaser. It was ironic how he was so bad at aiming when it came to spells he was good at aiming in a quidditch match. It had been his first year at Hogwarts and after all the failure he had achieved something big. Slytherin had won the quidditch cup.

*second year*

In Daichi’s second year the first person he had met was Eira. A sixth year Slytherin who he tried her high heels to see how it walks. He accidentally broke one of them and when trying to repair he blew the shoe up. His second year was also the year he tried to buy fire whiskey. He was and still is very curious about the taste and with a very failed disguise he went to the leaky cauldron. Of course, his height, squeaking voice and chubby cheeks gave him away and instead of the fire whiskey he only gotten a FREE apple juice. YES FREE~~ In the Hogwarts express, Daichi suffered from headaches and he had seen two older people walk passed his compartment and rudely yet curiously asked why they were on the train and that they looked old. It didn’t take him long for him to find out that they were two new professors for Charms and Astronomy. At school, Daichi grew very close to a certain Gryffindor girl named Thea. During the hate potion homework, the two had agreed to test it on each other and Daichi felt bad and horrible for the things he had said to her. After the homework, the second year had given her a box of half eaten chocolates in apology. It was a half-eaten box with a pink ribbon around it in the form of a heart that his older brother picked out to make fun of him. Of course making the situation awkward.


second year

At the swimming pond he got his first ever fight (sort of), Daichi had seen João standing nearby and he wanted to surprise him. Yelling out his name , he ran to give him a big hug but slipped and fell in the water. João must have thought he did it on purpose because he started to shout at him. Stuff happened and it ended up in Daichi blowing a hole in the ground. Unlucky as he was, Professor Bentley had seen the hole and after some weird questioning in which Daichi had the feeling João tried to blame him they got off without detention.

And if that wasn’t enough, he had also fallen in to the lake. In the Slytherin Common room he had met two new students, Kennedy and Eris. He made jokes about the lake being filled with piranha’s and after a dare they went to the lake to check it out. When Eris and him arrived at first, Daichi tried to scare her by pushing her in to the water. Only, he too fell in and with a struggle he tried to stay up the surface. Daichi couldn’t swim and the first year girl had to help him but since Daichi was panicking he kicked and trashed too much. Kennedy saw it happening and before he got there to help them, Daichi had fainted and woken up in the Hospital wing.

And to top THAT off, Daichi was reminded of his past in DADA class and he tried to keep his cheerful mask on. All in all it wasn’t such a good year for him, but that all made it good at the end of the year even though he was sick. Slytherin winning EVERYTHING again for two years in a row AND A CHOCOLATE CAKE for his birthday from Kurumi~

*Third year*

In his third year, Daichi decided to change his looks. He was tired of people pinching his cheeks and telling him how cute he was. He never liked it but never knew how to stop it. Thus his only solution was getting a hair cut and dye his hair a different color. During the summer he had grown quite a few inches making him slightly taller than the rest of the Slytherins. He had begged his father to let him go to the barber shop where he could get a hair cut.


Third year

With styled red hair and a new sense of clothing style, Daichi went to Diagon Alley. Here he met Kurumi and it took her atleast a few minutes until she realized that she was talking to him. His give away had been his laugh that was like the sound of a highpitched dolphin. His other friend Jonathan had seen right through him and even played along, pretending that he really did not know that he was his friend and that he had just met a new person. For a long time, Daichi fell for it. He honestly believed that he was tricking Jonathan while in reality he was the one being tricked.

At school the first changes he had noticed on the school grounds was that there was a duck pond now. Because of his obssession with ducks the pond became his heaven. But he didn't just want to be at the pond, he wanted to HAVE a duck. Making a plan with his Gryffindor partner in crime, Thea he went to the duck pond dressed in all the middle of the day... to steal one of the ducks. Their plan fell in the water however when they were caught by the two Gryffindor Prefects and were send to Mr.Murdoch to apologize.

During the joint class in CoMC and HoM Daichi had done something stupid while they were supposed to rescue the hostages on the bottom of the lake. He had punched Professor Williamson on his arm due to his confusion and anger towards the two professors because he thought that his father had been under water. When it turned out that the person they had to rescue was only a doll, the Slytherin felt stupid and after a few days he decided to pay the professor a visit to apologize. It turned out that the man was pretty relaxed with it all and that he understood why Daichi reacted that way. Half way through their conversation the Slytherin thought something out loud in which Williamson repeated in a question form but Daichi thought that he had just read his mind. 

From that day on, Daichi Katharos naively thought that his Ex-CoMC Professor could read minds.

*Fourth year*

Daichi's fourth year in Diagon Alley began with himself getting in to trouble. He had been lost in knockturn alley when he was searching for one of the shops. Strangely enough he met Louisa at the steps to knockturn alley. Wondering what a soon to be Head Girl was doing in a place like that he had walked up to her. It turned out that she wanted to visit a grave from her cat who had been killed by a dark wizard that walked around in this place.


Fourth year

And thus, Louisa dumbly trusted Daichi by giving him an instant darkness powder pouch with the order to throw it at anyone suspicious. After a while a man stood beside them and even though Louisa knew that this person was dangerous, Daichi did not think so. They began to talk and the fourth years naive manners made him shake the man's hand. This had been a mistake for it seemed that he wasn't planning to let go and Daichi panicked, forgetting that he had instant darkness powder in his hand. Luckily Louisa had kept her cool and pushed his back with the result that Daichi dropped the powder and they could get away.

At school, Daichi tried to avoid the Head Girl for he felt embarrassed and blamed himself that he had almost gotten himself AND his friend killed.When they did met one day Daichi was relieved that he only gotten a stern talk but that they still would be friends.

In his fourth year, Daichi also met Indiana Hutchinson. A Ravenclaw girl who stole his heart. They first became friends but whenever Daichi only thought of her his heart raced and he blushed feverishly. He was in love and was determind to ask her out. It took a lot of courage for him to get her alone and ask if she wanted to go out with him. When he finally did, he was rejected by Indy because not a few days before Dylan Montmorency  the Slytherin Captain had asked her out already.



The Tracing Enchantment lessons had been his favorite seminar of the year. Not because during class he was almost kissed by Kurumi during her trance and that he had walked behind Gwen like he worshipped her but because of the spell they had learned. Malin Calin easily became Daichi's favorite spell. For the homework, Daichi went to the duck pond to try the spell out on one of the ducks. It took him a few times but soon a white duck that he named Floppy walked with him as if it were his best friend. With the duck waddling next to him he went to see the Headmaster since it had been part of the homework to brag about the seminar teacher. His visit ended with the Headmaster telling him he had done an amazing piece of magic.

*Fifth year*

In his fifth year, Daichi Katharos had been a nervous wreck. His OWLS were coming up and the Slytherin was forced to stay awake during the night to study. He was afraid that if he didn't he would fail his OWLS and because he had classes and homework during the day the only time he could actually study was in the evening / night.

This resulted in him losing weight due to stress and he had panic attacks during classes. Especially in Transfiguration class where he blew stuff up more than normal. During all the stress, his not related big sister Kurumi Hollingberry decided to give him private lessons. At first he thought she was going to help him with his OWLS but it turned out that it were anti fire lessons.


Fifth year

Of course the Slytherin was reluctant to go through with it but after a while he agreed because he knew that Kurumi would graduate at the end of the year and he would have no one to protect him. The lesson involved a chocolate cake to make him happy and a single candle on top of it and a lot of emotional crying. He realized that he had cropped up all of his pained emotions and when they began to flow he couldn't stop. When it was over, he felt relieved and actually pretty good.

This year was also the year that Daichi found out that his two best friends weren't dating anymore. They hadn't been dating for two years now apparently and he never knew. He was both dissapointed and angry at both of them for not telling him, especially when it turned out that the whole school already knew about it except for him.

*Sixth year*


When Daichi began his sixth year at Hogwarts he was both confused and excited to become the Slytherin male Prefect. Never in all the years at the school had he thought he would wear the same badge like one of his best friends. And he continued to disbelieve throughout the year.

In the train, he wanted to show his badge to his girlfriend, Indiana but he had forgotten that she went to

Beauxbaton and her brother had given him a package which had a leather bracelet in it with Indy’s name.  He felt down that his girlfriend wouldn’t be at school with him but he quickly had to forget about it because boooy being a Prefect was no walk in the park.


Sixth year

At school, Daichi tried out for the Quidditch team again but he found out that after a couple of practises that he was out of shape. He didn’t get chosen during the first match so instead he decided to cheer the team on. All the while having a bet with Professor Flamsteed , the new Astronomy professor. The bet was that if Slytherin won the first match, he could borrow the man’s duck tie for a whole week. If he lost he had to help painting his weird toys..mecha..thingies…. sans house points.

Slytherin lost and therefore he lost as well. He was still man enough to show up at his office though!

Another person who had caught his attention was a little first year Snake named Sonea who had entered the school during the midterm. He showed her around the school, telling her where most of the things were and how to get to classes and such. Maybe it was because he wore a badge but he really felt like a sort mentor.

Speaking of those, another strange thing (well, strange for him) occurred when Eliza (Ravenclaw) had asked him to help him with a spell. To tutor her as matter of fact. HIM? A tutor?!

Hogwarts was just getting weirder and weirder with each year.

*Seventh year*

In his final year as the Slytherin Prefect, Daichi became one of the ice cream victims after a visit to Professor Flamsteed’s office. The tainted ice cream which turned every person who ate it in to obssessed ice cream lovers and became over the top hyper. The other students noticing his stranger than usual behaviour became to question yet again if he was good enough to be wearing that Prefect badge.

Under influence of the ice cream, Daichi did not care about his Prefect duties anymore and instead began to try and force other people to start eating ice cream as well as it was the best thing ever. And he wanted other people to feel just as happy and carefree as he was. His behaviour turned even weirder when an unknown source told him to go to the Forbidden Forest. Dressed in his uniform but with a long black cloak. The hood shadowing his face, Daichi felt like it was his responsiblity to make the poor and wrongly judged  Forbidden Forest happy.


Seventh year

He wasn’t the only one, soon he was accompanied by Tag, Anya, Raven, Nerida, Lotus and Mo who all tried to make the forest a happier place. Suddenly, cold air swept over the land and Daichi could feel the chill in his bones and a feeling of complete sadness washed over him and they ice cream squad. Suggesting that they go back , the others declinded the idea as they were too sad to even walk. They were soon discovered by the Care of Magical Creatures Professor and went back to the castle just as Dementors started to attack.

All the happiness that the ice cream had spread had attracted the creatures.

Luckily, he survived without his soul being taken however someone else wasn’t that lucky. When the term ended and a cure was found, Daichi began to realise what he had done and left the school with a horrible feeling.

Fun Facts

-Daichi's model for was played by Kim MoonBin in his first and second year and now is portrait by Kim Xiah Junsu.

-Daichi's name is Japanese but he is Korean. His parents just simply liked the name.

-The name Katharos is a Greek name meaning *Pure*

-Daichi is very scared of fire so it's funny how good he gets along with his older brother Aedan who's name literally means *fire*

-He carried a stuffed animal called Mr.Duckles around in his first year.

-His father has locked Mr.Duckles his plushed duck in a trunk because he thinks Daichi is too old to have a stuffed animal.

-Mr.Duckles is Daichi's hero.

-He LOVES ducks actually he's obsessed with them.

-Chocolate is his favorite candy.

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