Dante Barrington
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Full Name:

Dante Barnabas Barrington

Date of Birth:

1st January 2073

Blood Status:

Half Blood




Dark Dante


10 ¾ inch spinnable Rowan with Phoenix Feather







5' 7" (1.7 m)

Dante Barnabas Barrington was born on 1st January, 2073 in Dublin, Ireland to Hendrik and Camilla Barrington. He is the younger brother to Nigel Barrington. Currently, he is a student in Slytherin House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Dante enjoys having fun. He is prone to trying to do tricks on his skateboard or bike that he knows he can't do and results in broken bones. He likes making jokes, enjoying life and trolling people. He is not afraid of anyone, inquisitive, and will ask questions when told to do things and does not trust people until he knows them. But If you are his friend he will do anything for you. Dante is a talker not a fighter and will try and get out of confrontation by talking it out and if all else fails will run to fight another day.

The Slytherin enjoys a little bit of mischief as long as he is not caught. He also enjoys action sports such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding , and BMXing. Sometimes he likes going through, sitting in, and asking his father if he can drive some of the cars in Hendrik's enormous collection of expensive & vintage flying cars.

Pre - Hogwarts

Dante's parents Hendrik and Camilla Barrington are Magical Transportation Magnates, Hendrik is CEO of a car company called Ascendio that makes sure all cars the company makes have the Undetectable Extension Charm, the ability to navigate traffic with ease and whatever else they wish. They do muggle cars as well. This has lead to him getting mostly anything he wanted early on because his parents were never around much for him and his brother. While his parents loved him more than his older brother. He never really cared because he knew they would leave the next morning anyway for a vacation or business meeting. He did not have many friends growing up. Since he was told he always had an attitude problem.


First Year (2084-2085)

Meeting Dot, Dima, Kyroh , and Maggie in Diagon Alley | Getting First Nickname | Meeting Cutty on the Train | Being a bit nasty to people on the boat ride to Hogwarts | Sorted into Slytherin | Meeting Ethan The Prefect | Meeting Hugo | Found out Maggie was also in Slytherin | Annoyed some Portraits and met the Puff Girl Prefect | Found out where Kitchen is| Nice chat with Queen Bellaire | Blew up a Cauldron in Potions| Set Fire to The Grayson Whitlock in Herbology | Instant Grayson Fanboy after that | Talk with Culloden about not blowing up cauldrons | Magic Book | Peter Pan vs Hooksteed | Annoyed Professor Walton and his tree|

Second Year (2085-2086)

Got Free Candy on Train | Watched Drama with Hugo at Slytherin Table | Slytherin House Meeting | Stuff Erik will write later

Third Year (2086-2087)

Fourth Year (2087-2088)

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